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[+] ballot by RunsWithScissors

Some of these cities are known for their haunted cemeteries, hotels, & battlefields. You will also find ghostly cats and haunted dolls.

Which city is most haunted?

New Orleans, Louisiana
Galveston, Texas
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Key West, Florida
Savannah, Georgia
Charleston, South Carolina
San Francisco, California
Chicago, Illinois
Miami, Florida
Salem, Massachusetts
St. Joseph, Missouri
San Antonio, Texas
bodi california
Westland, Michigan
st augustine, florida
savannah, ga
San Diego, CA
Voss Farms, New Braunfels, TX
silent hill, west virginia
Hollywood, California
Louisville, Kentucky
Kirtland, Ohio
Jefferson, Texas
Adamsville, Alabama
Mountain Home, Tennessee
Alton, Illinois
Ventura, California
Ogden, Utah
Dudleyville, Connecticut
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tucson, Arizona
baldwin california
Rome new york
huntsville alabama
Tombstone, Arizona
morehead Kentucky
Comanche Oklahoma
washington DC
Memphis, TN
Parkersburg, WV
Gardner, Massachusetts
Athens, Ohio
traverse city , michigan
Logan Utah
Redlands, Ca.
Indianapolis, IN
Redlands. CA
cincinnati, oh
panama city
cornwall, CT
Atchison, Kansas
stafford virgina
St Louis, mo
sacramento, california
athens oh
nunica, mi
mobile, alabama
malden ma
jerseyville IL
Pontiac, Michigan
new braunfels texas
Raleigh, NC
Laredo Texas
muhlenberg kentucky
New Athens ,oh
Conyers, Georgia
Silent Hill, VA
nashville, tn
Savannah TN
athens tx
junction city, ks
Belmont N.C.
Sandusky, OH
Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.
groton, ct
colinville ok
Athens, Alabama
bluffton, sc
carrollton, ky
Asheville, NC
lepanto arkansas
rosemead california
Cimarron, New Mexico
Sioux falls, Sd
Beaver Crossing, Nebraska
waltham, ma
Virginia City,Nevada
paducah, kentucky
Crosby, Texas
clawson michigan
North Providence, Rhode Island
Sunnyvale, California
odessa tx
waynesville, OH
tyler texas
el paso texas
panama city fl
silent hill va
rugby, tennessee
ventura cali
luary va
toledo oh
redlands california
omaha nebraska
mankato minnesota
new castle pa
cape may, nj
corpus christi texas
adamsville tennessee
Derry Maine
wichita, ks
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