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political :
[+] serious ballot by keithsheen

I enter this question under politics because most of the sensible people realise the Pope has fuck all to do with religion. He's all about money and power and he's a fucking arsehole.

Oh Keith you've gone too far - I don't like you any more
I love Jesus
He's a nasty right-wing shit
Fuck me, Keith, you've changed
He was right to denounce Islam as evil whereas Catholicism is ALL GOOD
Fuck everyone, we're doomed
He made point about the violence in Islam. The response of Muslims validated his point as credible
A fucking idiot
Somewhere betwixt and between
A con artist
He seems like a decent guy.
telling it like it is
A Sheep Need A Leader
NOT 'infallible', Not even an 'authority' on Anything!
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