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worst : tv movies :
[+] ballot by maxxman

Rocky VI hits the theatres in less than a month. At the age of 64 , Harrison Ford has agreed to do another "Indiana Jones" sequel. What could possibly be next? Think of a star past their prime , or a film series long since run into the ground , and give it a title.

Spice World II: "Old Spice World". The Ageing Pop Tarts take their show to Branson Missouri
Rocky .vs.Child Predator .vs.Illegal Alien: Rocky takes on a pedophile fight promoter,and a Mexican
A Nightmare on Elm Street/Friday the 13th: "Freddy Got Fingered by Jason".(Use your Imagination.)
Back to the Future V: "Back to the Doctor" (Time is not on Martys side.)
Disney Studios presents: "Bedpans & Roomchecks". (Bedknobs & Broomsticks.)
Pissin Impossible: (The last of Tom Cruise's mind is claimed by Altzheimers.)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Prunes:( Indies on a quest for a regular bowel movement.)
BrokeHip Mountain: "Broke Back Mountain" (The boys retire to a gay assisted living facility.)
"Ageing Bull" (Raging Bull) Jake Lamotta looks to fight Rocky.
"In Depends Day": Independance Day.(Will Smith fights incontience instead of aliens.)
"Asleep in 60 Seconds". Gone in 60 Seconds.
"A Wrinkle Runs Through It". A River Runs Through It.
"Enema Mine". Enemy Mine.
Police Academy 9 ?: "C.S.I. Nursing Home".
Screwing Miss Daisy (Driving Miss Daisy)
Viagra (Niagra)
Tango & Hot Flash (Tango & Cash)
The Leauge of of Incontinent Gentlemen (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
SpongeBob Squarepants V- They Don't Make Square Adult Diapers
Two For The Maalox (Two For The Money)
Oceans of Ensure 11 (Oceans 11)
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