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relationship :
[+] ballot by jappy

I can't ever imagine myself dating a black guy. Am I a shallow self centered racist? Of course this ballot is important and should be discussed with your friends and coworkers before coming to a rash voting decision.

Yes, you are a racist bigot for this reason
No, you are a homophobe, just try it, you'll like it.
jappy I saw you with a black guy last night, liar
No, just heterosexual.
Once you go black, you never go back
No, you are a racist bigot for other reasons ;-)
no you are not,it just means that black guys are not your type
If you're a bloke, it probly means you're hetrosexual
Its just not the way you have been bought up
It Is perfectly all right to prefer your own, if that's what you wish
It could simply mean you're a heterosexual male. Would you date a black woman?
Come on! Listen to the Rabbi. It's fantastic!
It makes you SMART
I could never date a coloured gal, but i aint racist im so happy to see that obama got elected.
If you go black, I'll bring you back
It depends on the reason why you would never date a black person
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