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Simple site where anybody can vote on a topic.
Contribute something thought provoking and/or funny, and it might become a fun site.

Every ballot has a small comment area where anybody can put comments in.

You can even create a ballot for vote and discussion, without registration and/or hassles.

Suggestion for the site? Contact me and tell me about it.

It should be fun just reading what some people put in.

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Q and A:

Q: Why did you create this site?
A: I love the voting process. I am learning how to program. I wanted a non-commercial site that I can visit.

Q: Where do the questions come from?
A: Everything on the website is contributed by visitors to the site.

Q: Can I vote more than once?
A: You may only vote once every 24 hours on each ballot. Multiple vote option is now in the works

Q: Why does the site look so plain?
A: I want the greatest range of audience (web-tv users will have no problem with this site, as well as some phone browsers), Plus, honestly, I am not very good at graphics :)

Q: Why does XXXXXX not working?

A: If something is broken for more than several hours, use contact me and let me know. Usually I am working on a feature, and it takes less than an hour. If it stays broken, that means I messed up.

User provided questions: send me a message with questions.

Q: How does Karma work?
A: read the karma FAQ.

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