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New User FAQ
written by ThisIsNate

New User Tutorial

Welcome to, the most interactive polling site on the web! We hope you enjoy your stay here at B&W as your input is always welcome. The following is a basic guide to the B&W website and its many uses and functions. Supplementary information can be found in the “Help/FAQ” section.


1. Site Uses
2. Registration
3. User-page
4 .Creating Ballots
5. Finding Other Users’ Ballots
6. Interaction With Ballots
7 .Messaging
8. The Karma System
9. Tips for Success

1- Site Uses

This is a fun site for recreational and also for serious matters. combines the polling process with online interactivity so that you can have your questions of all kinds answered and analyzed by users from around the globe. This is done by allowing users to create ballots that other users may vote and comment on.

2- Registration

If you are not a registered user, B&W invites you to become a member free of charge or obligation. To register, simply work through the short registration form. This can be found at the top left of your web-page under the “register” link.

3- Userpage

When you register, you are given a user-page. This is a great place to tell other users a little about yourself and to establish connections with other users. To access this user-page, click on the top right of the screen where your username is displayed next to the “welcome back” message. To customize this page, use the “edit user-page” tab. Customize as desired and hit “submit” when you are satisfied with your changes. Go back to you user-page with your name link on the top right. The changes are now complete.

4- Creating Ballots

Knowing how to post a ballot is the most basic knowledge needed to have fun at B&W. Luckily, it’s a very simple process. First, you must locate at the top left of the screen the “add ballot” and “add quiz” links. If you wish to ask a trivia question, use the “add quiz” link. Otherwise, use the “add ballot” link. If you open the “add ballot” link, you will be given the ballot form. Please take the time to read the “Important! Read this before posting!” section when you make your first ballot.

First, you will need a topic. For this tutorial we will pretend that our topic is “best dog breeds.” First, we must select and audience. This is a topic fit for all audiences so we would choose the “all audiences” option.. Please read the “Personal/Private Ballots” and “Adult Ballot” descriptions when deciding where to classify your ballots. Next, choose a ballot type in the “type” box. Because we are asking what is the best of the dog breeds, we may use the type “best of.” Now choose a category. In this case, our topic does not fit in any of the options very well. If this is ever the case, choose the “other” option at the bottom of the arrowed list.. Next you may choose your “intent.” For this ballot, “interesting” may be most fitting. If your intent is unsure, always choose “neutral.” Also, be sure to always classify joke ballots as “Joke/Humor” in the intention section. Because users all have different ideas of what is funny, you must be sure to specify when your ballot is a joke so as to avoid offending other users. Lastly, we must choose a “question.” In this ballot we are asking, “what is the best breed of dog?” Therefore, choose the “what” option.

Now comes the customization of the ballot. Your next option is a box with “question:” and an empty test box. This is your time to give the ballot a title. Try to make a creative title that will entice more readers to view your ballot. For example, rather than naming the ballot “best dogs” we could name it “The Best of All the Breeds.” This title has more flare and will likely attract more voters.

Now after a title is entered, you may include a description of your ballot. This is your chance to really interest the reader. I would recommend a little background: perhaps include your answer to the question and maybe why you chose the topic. It is also a good idea to restate the question near the end of your description. NOTE- Including a description is optional. This area can be left blank.

Finally, we must include choices for the ballot. In this case, our choices would be breeds of dog for people to vote on. “Choice 1” could be “Dalmation,” and “Choice 2” could be “Cocker Spaniel,” etc. Next, you will wee a set of options with filled in bubbles. It is wisest to leave the options at their default settings. You may now include “keywords.” These will help users find your ballots if they do a keyword search on the home page of this site. In this case, you could use “dogs,” “pets,” etc. as keywords. You do not need to enter keywords. They are optional as well. Next, choose ballot duration and color and then you can submit the ballot for others to view. Enjoy! *NOTE- Please do not actually submit the dog ballot. It was merely an example.

5- Finding Other Users’ Ballots

Every time you log-in to, you will be taken to the home page of B&W. On the right will be some ballots. More importantly, on the left you can key in on what types of ballots you want to view. You can narrow the ballots to view by choosing a side tab. For example, if you click the link reading “political” you will be taken to the most recent ballots relating to politics. *MOST votes and all of the NEWEST ballots can be seen in the “newest” link. This is where most people will be looking. The most recently made Private ballots are in the “private” link. The “adult” ballots are found in a link at the very bottom left of the home page.

6- Interacting with Ballots

Clicking on a ballot will bring up the ballot itself. To vote on a choice, fill the circle next to your choice. If the ballot creator allowed it, you can click the “add your choice” text box and add your own choice. To comment, type your comment in the “comment” box and hit the “submit” button. Also, if you click a bubble to vote and also type in a comment, then hitting the “submit” button will both cast the vote and enter the comment. If you ever are asking yourself “Will this offend somebody?” then there is a good chance that it will. Please refrain from submitting materials that will be offensive to viewers.

7- Messaging

Part of the fun of is meeting and talking with new and interesting people. This can be done through B&W’s messaging boards.

Your public messages are where other can publicly speak with you. To respond to a message on the board, you may click the respond tab to the right. This will let you respond to the message on you own message board. To leave a response on their message board, click the name of the person and go to their public messages. You may submit a response in their own message board and they will be more likely to see it and respond.

Private messages can be viewed only by the person you have sent the message to. Similarly, you and only you will be able to view the private message sent to your private message area. To send a private message, go to the userpage of the person you wish to send a private message to. Scroll to the bottom message box and enter your message. Be sure to click the “private messaging” bubble prior to submitting the message.

8- The Karma System

This is a system to remove bad ballots and rude users and to reward good ballots and good users. You are granted karma points by those who view your ballots. Simply put, if people like a ballot that you have created, you will receive positive karma points. If they dislike you ballot/ find it offensive, you will receive negative karma points. Also, if you categorize your ballots improperly, you may receive negative karma points. As you build up or down you karma points, you will receive different karma titles.

Your karma title can be viewed in your user page in the “this user earned this title” box. Individual karma reports can be viewed in your “karma reports” tab in the user page.

To rate other users, you must first earn enough karma rating by other users to be free of the “new user” title. This requires that you be rated by users ten times. Once you are rated ten times, you can enter ballots and rate the ballots, the comments make on the ballots, or the choices on the ballot. To rate the ballot itself, enter the ballot and click on the title of the ballot. On the right of the screen, you can rate the ballot from best to worst and add a comment to explain why you rated it as you did. This comment can be entered in the “enter your own reason” text box. Click “submit” to finalize the rating. To rate a choice on the ballot, click the choice’s test next to its voting bubble. To rate a comment, click on the date that it was entered on. You can see this date (month, day, year) at the bottom right of the comment. *NOTE- DO NOT rate every ballot. Rate sparingly and only on ballots, comments, and choice that you think NEED to be rated up or down.

For more information regarding the Karma System, click the “Help/FAQ” link on the bottom of the blue ribbon on the left of the home page.

9- Tips for Success

Now that you have a basic understanding of the site, I will offer a few tips to help you find success on this site.

-Do not be discouraged if your ballots are not receiving karma ratings. Most of the ballots and comments will not be rated. Only the ones that stand out to the readers are rated. Be patient.

-If you have a great ballot topic, save it to post during the busier hours at B&W. This is normally between noon and early evening. Doing so will ensure that you ballots are seen by more users and thus your ballot will likely be voted upon more often.

-If you are unsure whether or not something is going to rub users the wrong way, it most likely is. Avoid offensive materials.

-Have fun and be courteous. Remember that the B&W users are quite diverse and each one has different views on things. Feel free to express your own views to your heart’s content. Just be careful not to dismiss or belittle others’ ideas and views.

-Go enjoy the site!

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