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USERS ARE RATED BY OTHER USERS. is a user edited site. When you rate someone, and when someone rates something you contributed, you will be rated too. IS POWERED BY KARMA™ and AURA™.
The website is edited and managed using rating input from our users. We base our rating on KARMA and AURA points.

What is KARMA?

To put it simply, it's how well you are rated by your peers.
When people rate your entries positively, your KARMA becomes positive. If you enter junk, your KARMA will become negative accordingly.
When you have strong KARMA, your rating becomes stronger too. As you build up your KARMA, your posts will have more and more prominent placement on this site.
User rating is converted to a title, based on how well your entries were rated, and how many rated your entries.

You can become a maintainer. by being rated well.

You can have a few extra features, as well as better notification, and you can choose to invite people
The rating will be used on other community roll playing sites that I am working on.

Karma Rating and Power Animals

Eagle (>14)
Whale (>12)
Dolphin (>10)
Ray (>9)
Lion (>7)
Giraffe (>6)
Ram (>5)
Penguin (>4)
Monkey (>3)
Canary (>2)
Bee (>1)
Ant (>0)
Plankton (>-1)

Your Tribe Associations: determined by your karma weight.

Newbie (<100 points)
Discoverer (<250 points)
Mercurian (<500 points)
Venusian (<750 points)
Terran (<6000 points)
Martian (<8000 points)
Jupiterian (<10000 points)
Saturnian (<25000 points)
Neptunian (<50000 points)
Plutonian (<75000 points)
Galaxian (more than 75000 points)

What is AURA?

To put it simply, it's how many people appreciate your entry.

It's like a little gold star stickers you got in kindergarten. We all get Aura stickers (virtually) and can grant them to other users, which in turn can be granted to other users.

You can earn Aura points by completing a task, making an entry which others appreciate, who then send you aura in their comments and in your user pages. Aura can also be Granted by the system, when I am looking for new users to participate in a website or features that I just created.

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