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Maintainers stops the bad users from ruining the experiences for the other users.

If you have been on the web for a while, you know that many fun sites are ruined by a few people that:
- throw personal insults, then escalate their fights with other users.
- mock other users, or gossip behind their backs, and promote fights and conflicts.
- post racist, profane, nonsense entries, designed flood the site.
- do anything and everything to shut down the site, just for their amusement.

In order to counter these people, we have experienced users who can filter entries, and in extreme cases, expel users and keep them off the website.

How do you become a maintainer?
You are assigned by other users and LCD, usually about 10 users become maintainers per month.
When you contribute good entries to the website, other users can grant you aura from their aura bank.
Certain amount of aura is needed to become a maintainer, as well as nomination from your peers.

What must you NOT do as a maintainer?
You may not stay a maintainer if you engage in the things you are supposed to prevent.
When somebody insults you, you cannot retailiate by calling names, and escalating the situation.
You must point out that what they are doing is not allowed, and when they repeat their offenses,
you can expel them, but only after giving them that chance.
Most people do not have the temperment to be a maintainer. if you feel that you cannot handle the responsibilities,
we ask that you relinquish your status as a maintainer. If you do not, you will be demoted by others.

What must you DO as a maintainer?
You must not keep active aliases.
give constructive critisms, and no other.
have no desire to offend, spam, divert traffic or use the site for their personal benefit.
when an error is found, they should let LCD know, so it can be fixed, without being exploiting the error.

So why become a maintainer?
What is the point? why do the extra work?
It's not easy. You have to be above it all. You volunteer your valuable time,
so that other users can have a good experience on the site, which we all enjoy.
In the course of being a maintainer, you can become a better person - tempermental, nonjudgemental person.
It's a self improvement course of sorts.

Maintainers :

There are two types of Maintainers, Superusers and Ultrausers.

SuperUser - These are users who have experiences with the website, and can answer your questions about the functionality of the website. You are nominated by maintainers. you should be on the site at least once a month.
-tasks : answer general questions in the bug reports, freeze potential abusers, tag bad entries. Superusers can approve new users, and suspend new users if they signed up to abuse the site.

UltraUser - These users are ones who are responsible for marking offensive contents and users for deletion. These users can also edit the website, and correct errors.  You are nominated by maintainers. you should be on the site at least once a week.
-tasks : answer general questions in the bug reports, suspend and permanently expel abusive users, delete all entries by suspended users, report ideas on how to improve site, etc.

The functionality of the maintainers may change from time to time.


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