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News, new features and fixes

if there are any new stuff happening, I will keep you updated here.

10/31/06 - now you have a choice to show how you voted on a ballot. Click that small box after the comment if you wish your vote to be shown along with the ballot.

10/26/06 - you can now insert images. works just like smiles, but use "img" or "I", and leave out the http:// part. you can include jpg, gif, png, and jpeg images from the web.
             for example, []

9/18/06 - comment block now works. for everyone.

9/17/06 - most recently active user ballots. Go to your user page, click ballots, and hit the link on right.
- [ultrauser] you can now block offensive/incorrectly linked photos. Go to the ballot rate page.

8/31/06 - Now you can create ballot results sorted the way you choose, various ways, specified in the ballot form.
8/25/06 - Comment block is tested and working now. Block harassing users.
8/20/06 - Expanded Stealth mode. Some personal information (such as where you are from, when you first signed on, and when you were last on) are also hidden.

8/10/06 - Personal greeting message for everyone. create your own first line on your user page.
8/10/06 - Stealth mode : don't show yourself on the active list.
8/08/06 - Who's online : improved, now showing all users online, not just ones making entries.
8/08/06 - [maintainers] Close ballots. now you can close anachronistic ballots that still asks "who should win the 2004 elections"
8/03/06 - Now every registered user can approve guest ballots. If you made a ballot while logged off, you can approve your own guest ballots back into circulation!

7/27/06 - Much better interface for approving ballots. Try it. When you approve, you basically take ownership of the entry, and you get rated based on that entry.
7/26/06 - Newest now doesn't show adult ballots when you are under 18. if you see errors like this, make sure to tell me.
7/25/06 - New Category, FanBase, is for ballots and list pertaining to Fans of shows, celebrities, etc..
7/25/06 - Most popular ballots on! Link is right above the Newest list, on the left menubar.
7/25/06 - Your Most popular ballots! Check your ballot page, and click on the Most Popular by XXXX.
7/24/06 - [maintainers] Revive Ballots now work. Guides can revive their own ballots, ultrausers can revive any ballot.
7/20/06 - [maintainers] Freeze function seem to work now.
7/20/06 - [maintainers] working on features, means it should work, means I am still working on it.
7/20/06 - [maintainers] Approve new user function. Abusive users now wouldn't even get their verification email!

old news file is here.

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