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[+] ballot by Smat

Hello there! How ya'll doing?

See, I was wondering what you thought the fundamental difference between humans and animals was. Is it the fact that we use a complex language, that we create music, sculptures, and other forms of art? Or are these just the expressions of a greater difference?

So, what do you think? What makes humans different from (the rest of) animals?

Post a comment and you'll make my day. :)

The ability to not use our tongues to wipe our ass
Our ability to accessorize
Our cerebral cortex
our ability to be compassionate
We can reason and think things through logically
free choice
Actually, we ARE animals
we just got lucky on the evolution ladder
Less hair more bare
we can commit suicide for non-altruistic reasons
Far advanced language system
We don't crap wherever..
some humans can control some of their instincts
In the case of George W. Bush, nothing
our table manners
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i read somewhere we're more spiritually and intellectually evolved. that's about all i know
The fact that we don't have to use our tongues to wipe our asses helps. The ability to reason also comes into play.

Glad to make your day! :-)

Great question Smat! From a biological, chemical and physiological perspective- not much difference at all. We require oxygen, have blood, organs, flesh, have brains although it is a fact that our brains are the most highly developed. Consider that everything- even man made machines are often more than the sum of its parts. I submit to you that humans are no exception and that, although we only have the tools and facts to say that we are no different from them scientifically we may very well be something else. Who knows?
Other than the fact that we have opposable thumbs, not much else is different. We eat, shit fight and fuck as much as anything else in the animal kingdom.
Hello there, nice to see I got so many comments!

As Docletot points out, our physical micro-structure doesn't make us substancially different from animals. And as Stewie, Guest_597cc, _jr_, BigJimMcBob and the two anonymous persons said, we have some physical differences (the ability to reason comes from the development of the brain, or so I think) that only prove we're more evolved. So far, everyone here just believes that we're more evolved animals, which as far as I'm concerned, seems correct. But ain't there a substancial difference? Something that makes us completely different?

Let me tell you all what I think. I believe what you believe, that we're all evolved animals. But I also believe there is something that makes us different. Absolutely different.

Consciousness. Yup. You've all heard me. I believe that consciousness comes from our brain evolution, and makes us completely different from animals. It changes, for example, our social relationships. It makes free will possible. Whether free will exists or not, I don't know, but I do know the question would be pointless if we didn't have conscience of our own existence.

And that's all I'm going to say tonight because I'm way too tired to go on. I better go before I fall asleep on the keyboard. Thanks to all the people that posted comments, and I hope to see you around, guys. And please post some more comments. You really make my day, you know? So go ahead. Make me happy.

Humans have the unique ability to be compassionate, and to see things in other's point of view. We sympatheize with our fellow beings, be it human or animal. Being self-aware doesn't necessarily make us unique, as research with other primate clearly shows that the self awareness clearly exists. Of course, judging by some people we encounter on this site makes you wonder whether all humans posess such ability. I guess all humans have the capability, but only few choose to exercise it. oh well... I am half asleep too. goodnight.
by LCD [+]

Hello there! Nice to see I got new comments!

carvin: Hey, I was wondering where all the religious people were hidding! Yeah, from the point of view of some religions, humans are similar to god, while animals are here just "to help humans". I always wondered exactly how the hell an alligator can help you, but you know, maybe that's just me.

Anyways, about self awareness, I *used* to agree, but Lcd here says there are proves that show that other animals also are self-aware, so... ^^;;; There goes my theory.

Lcd: I'm so flattered you actually stopped by one of my polls! :) Are you sure about that self-awareness deal? Because in that case I would have to modify my theory and say that what makes humans different is the awareness of the alter, you know what I mean? The fact that we actually realize that the others have feelings just like us and that we're capable of empathy. What you said, basically. But hey, you'll forgive me if I borrow your theory, because in case self-awareness ain't distinctive, I'll have to modify my cosmogony.

Oh, and your my favourite user too! ;)

So that's it, now I'm fully awake, so if what I said is retarded, at least I was perfectly conscient while writing it. Please post what's in your mind, you'll make me happy, happy, happy. See you around, everyone! And have a nice day!

We have spirits in a dormant state in a non-physical realm collecting the memories of infinite lives in infinite universes.
Smat, do you think we have spirits? or does the belief in possessing a spirit come from an emotional need to survive.

Pesonally, I believe when we die, the electricity coursing through our brains enabling us to think, goes out like a light bulb. No spirit, no afterlife.

I know I said I read we were more spiritually evolved, but maybe spirituality is an emotional self-defense mechanism that allows us to deal with the inevitability of death.

In my opinion, it's that we don't have to follow most animalistic instincts. Most animals would just follow something like "get up, eat, search for food, nap, eat, and sleep". Of course, some of us do that ;-), but, still, our ability to see to the future in most cases is what gives us a basic difference from animals.

If someone said this before, I apologize. I saw the ballot, and was too tired to read the whole thing, so I commented right away.

"get up, eat, search for food, nap, eat, and sleep".

LOL, i hate to admit it, but that kind of sounds like me. man's system seems so complicated sometimes. i like the simple life.

That is a very good point, though. we have the choice to settle for the necessities or to strive for things more grand. It's sort of funny how we human beings praise ourselves for our accomplishments. our buildings, technology, artworks. we think we're so great, yet if the human race didn't exist, the planet would actually be healthier than it is now. it's sort of funny, in a weird way.

humans are animals. but our ability to think logically. and also animals are all about self presovation and survival/instincts. we make art and literature and music. they have nothing to do with survival and instinct which we also have.
Man is the only
animal that blushes -- or needs to.

Mark Twain

Hello there! Thanks for answering my question. Let me try to answer all your comments...

Universal_President: Erm, that's one complicated theory... You say animals don't have spirits, right? Ok, but why?I mean, why do humans have spirits? What caused that primordial difference? And thanks for posting your opinion, by the way.

_jr_: *sigh* Yes, that's my opinion too... I don't believe in an afterlife. Depressing, neh? The future doesn't exist, since it hasn't happened yet. The present goes too fast, and as I say this in the present, most of this sentence is already in the past. The past is all we have left. Memories. And when you die, I believe you lose it all. Just like that. Is there a point therefore in living, since it's all going to end in such a stupid way? I guess it all depends on the person. Sartre said that, even if life had no meaning, humans were capable of giving a meaning to their life.

And I believe spirituality is the way we have to describe the process of reasoning, that actually probably has some kind of material explanation... Chemistry and electricity going through our brain. And also, thank you for actually thinking the way I think. Teehee. I also think the religious idea of soul and afterlife is a way of fighting the fear created by the conscience of your own future death.

dark_rhapsody: Hey, thanks for posting a comment :). Yeah, humans can adapt to situations easier than other animals, and have other capacities, but does that make them substancialy different? And, if so, are those differences the manifestation of a bigger difference, or just the result of evolution? And about religion: do you believe god created men, or did men create god? What do you think?

Violinmeister8x: Thank you for your comment, dude! I was hoping someone would say something about the capacity of men of not following their instincts, just for me to ask: What is behind that capacity? huh? huh? huh? Is it just the result of evolution? Is it a different kind of reasoning? Is it a soul?

Carvin (and _jr_ again): Ok, nice point. But then again, what's behind that? I have to believe it is some sort of consciousness. Is it empathy? Is it the result of reasoning? Of moralisation? And what would be behind moralisation, anyways? Is it just some sort of fear or is it some real altruism? Please tell me what you guys think. All of you! :)

Bobbus_Maximus: So you say humans have "something else", neh? Nice point, nice point. But what is that "something else"? Is it just a greater reasoning capacity? Or is it something that makes us totally different from animals?

Togglebox: Heh, nice quote. But what causes the reason of blushing? Is it self-consciousness? Is it moralisation? Where does that come from? Any ideas?

Dude, is this a difficult question or what? And yet I have to admit I got some really good answers, thank you all for posting comments. And keep it coming, maybe we'll get to an answer and we'll publish a book and be rich and famous. It will be the best and worts book. :)

Anyways, what do YOU think? What makes humans different from animals?

To Smat :-)

I don't believe it is evolution, because I don't believe in evolution. ;-)

You COULD call it a soul, if you'd like. But that's a very general categorization. It can be something else. I mean, look at reality: Humans, USUALLY, control every other form and species of life on this world. Whether you believe in God, souls, destiny, Hell, fate, Paradise, karma, the afterlife, etc..., still, it's the way the world is. Like you half-heartedly suggested before, maybe it is a different kind of reasoning - a higher intellect, a greater scope of knowledge, a deeper perspective of existence, a preponderant style of thinking, generally. Maybe.

I hope I didn't evade your question. If I did, then I'm sorry. I tried. :-)


Good question, Smat. I'm too lazy right now to read all the responses. But one thing that separates us from animals (among others) is our ability to arbitrarily assign meaning to things.
Isn't it weird that all the dominant animals through out time die out spooky ? We're just smarter by imagination and the fact that we're the only other homo-species that ever used language . Remember the Neanderthals had just as big of a brain as us . We just relied on our brain more than them . They relied on their strength .
Without reading the comments. Animals have no soul.
If someone mentions the soul thaaaang
Its humans that aint got none Jack

The real difference is our opposable thumbs. We don't lick our assholes cause we can't, just like giving ourselves humm-jobs.
Speak for youself MonkeyNut
Only Scientific materialism and the eurocentric anthropomorphic pop culture are the ones propagating the bullshit and fantasy that theyre whole lives are constructed out of
What is it that Samuel Clement said? "You can feed a dog and treat him decently, and he will be your friend for life and never harm you. This represents the principle difference between dog and man." Imprecise quote, but you get the gist.
we sweat they dont

Voted : YOU
you wack
we smell better

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