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[+] ballot by cumnfast

i think he is

Does a bear shit in the woods?
gays dont play that good
If you care get a life
no, he just likes to be sodomized
Sure he is - just ask A-Rod!
he'd blow steinbrenner
Id do him
who cares-i'll suck him anyways
Gay or not, he's soooooo sexy!!!
He bends over, so yes
No, you jealous Red Suck fan
no he's not you gay man
Nah he just likes to do a cumnfast impression..
yea I caught him screwing GIAMBIE AND AROD
hell no he's so hot and has a great ass
Omg hell no hes not gay.. HES HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
Jeter Sucks....AROD
How could he not be gay?!!
i heard he fucked arod
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He isn't gay. He just likes taking dicks up his butt. Does that make him gay? He likes sucking fat straining boners. That can't possibly make him gay, can it? He likes to lick hairy puckered assholes. But he isn't gay, of course.
If he is gay, send him to Europe.
Then NUKE EUROPE!!!!!!!!!
I think poor cumnfast is just forcing his paltry fantasy life on us. That, or he's just because Jeter got to bang Mariah Carey, something he'll get to do...
Voted : YES
Has the hottest ass in sports!
bitch, he aint gay! You is cuzz you sleep wit yo daddy{if ur a man}
Voted : NO
jeter is not gay

Voted : NO
Derek Jeter is not gay.He is one of the greatest baseball players ever!
Derek is not gay. get a life. If he is its no ones business. I still think he is the HOTTEST guy walking. I would do him in a heartbeat and I am married
Voted : YES
Yes, I think so....but it doesn't make a difference....he's a damn good baseball player and he does a lot for the community, for kids, for awesome guy!
Of course he is. He only dates women for publicity. He supposedly dated Adriana Lima but she claims to be a virgin.
yea he is a fag boy
I have heard that Paul O'Neill is gay -- for real.

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