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[+] ballot by ilmari

I think when it comes to reading, chinese and japanese are the most difficult but considering the grammar and the vocabulary i would say it is estonian or nambikvara.
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LCD : on Oct 12, 2014 because Niggerese.

Polish 36%
Chinese 16%
Hungarian 10%
Arabic 6%
Lithuanian 6%
Japanese 4%
English 2%
German 2%
Estonian 1%
french 1%
Portuguese 1%
Sanskrit 1%
African "Click: Language 1%
Irish Gaelic <1%
Latin <1%
Bulgarian <1%
Medieval Portuguese <1%
chilean spanish <1%
Whatever language Cyndi Lauper speaks <1%
Swahili <1%
Inuit <1%
Nambikvara <1%
Rumanian <1%
Martian <1%
Manx <1%
Republican Spin <1%
Cornish <1%
Klingon <1%

Ballot #101572: has 2650 total votes.
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Most of the dead languages.

To me it would have to be Chinese. I heard it take them 20 years to master it.
Gaelic (Irish), Welsh, Finnish and definitely Maltese..that shit is fucked up...
There is an African "click" language that would seem hard to master. I don't think it is Swahili, though.
The Hawaiian langugage has only 12 letters, so one might thing it's easy, but with so few choices, a lot of the words sound alike.
To George W. Bush, the English language.
Voted : Chinese
For me, any of the multiple languages clumped under the single name "Chinese." This includes Mandarin, Cantonese, Shianghiese, etc. the whole appraoch to language is just 'foreign' to my Western mind. The subtleties of tone differentiations alone ... !

Japanese is a close second. It is easier (to me) than Chinese, but the three separate alphabets creates complexity and confusion.

Voted : English
English is the hardest to learn for children, at least as far as European languages are concerned.
I find english spelling quite difficult from time to time but its grammar, at least to some extent, is pretty simple.
Learning languages should be divided to actual language and to the written form.

Cthxs, the pronunciation of Japanese is pretty simple. Almost all the words go consonant-vowel-consonent-vowel-consonent-vowel like: arigato, Yamamoto, and murasaki. And the vowels are extremely consistent, like Spanish. When writing Japanese, Hirigana and Katakana are relatively easy, but Kanji is the same as Chinese and that's where the trouble starts.
shit...I shoulda put Ebonix
Voted : African "Click: Language
forgetmenot: that click language is hard to write too...
Voted : English
It is if you live in the southwest U.S.
Voted : Martian
Still in the development stage, creation, transcription, interpretation, grokkiness..
i believe its hungarian.
Are you fucking kidding me. I am polish and people are tellin me polish is the hardest. Now how to I learn it. I think Mandarin Chinese is the ahrdest. 56 letters rather than english 26 and over 25 million words.
mayan and anciet sythian.

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