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result #104190 - PUBLIC SEX, COULD YOU, WOULD YOU?

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[+] ballot by larrynelmira

I was watching The Television Show Footballers Wives and one of the story lines was people who like to be watched, not just by one or two people but by many.

I don't know, to each their own I suppose, but I don't believe I could perform live in front of an audience.

Could You?

Yes I could 61%
No I couldn't' 25%
It woulddepend on the crowd 6%
Only in church 4%
Only if they're throwing money at us and we get to keep it. 1%
Who says I haven't already? 0%

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Voted : No I couldn't'
Ecccch, no.

Not without payment no, lol. It's called dogging over here, engaging in sexual acts in a semi-public place (typically a secluded car park or a movie theater) or watching others doing so. Usually, there are more than two participants.

Wherever that pic is taken it seems like they do it in camel parks. Camelling maybe.
by IC [+]

Voted : No I couldn't'
and, donot want to.
Voted : No I couldn't'
If you look carefully, you'll see that there is another camel trying to get it on with a jeep in the background.
Voted : No I couldn't'
I'm not that brave.
I'd be nervous about losing points if I failed to stick the dismount. lol
Im amazed you watch footballers wives in America more importantly!
^ Lol, so am I. No-one watches it over here.
by IC [+]

Voted : No I couldn't'
I'm not big on sex to start. Having it in *public*? No thanks.
Oh, yeah. It's been sold hugely over here. A lot of my friends watch. I don't because I don't have BBC America yet.
^ They show boobs, but thats not the only reason I watch it, I think it's interesting.
^ Boobs are interesting.
by IC [+]

Voted : No I couldn't'
if it's in public. i don't consider it to be sex.
Depends who's watching! o.O

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