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[+] serious ballot by Kiki

Could you see him? What was happening? Was it a good feeling or bad feeling?

Yes, I've dreamt of God and I could see Him 58
Yes, I've dreamt of God but in a more abstract way 39
No, I've never dreamt about God 38
Other (comments) 4
I never remember my dreams so I don't know 3

Ballot #104324: has 142 total votes.
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Voted : Yes, I've dreamt of God and I could see Him
And I wish I could get them out of my head. Sorry, those of you posessed of faith, but I'm *not* in the number.

Voted : Other (comments)
i dreamt about god. i was in a beach with my cousin in my house in the philippines. when suddenly a ternado comes. i was about to run away until my cousin grabbed my hand and said dont be afraid! its god. so i wasnt scared anymore and the ternado picked me up gently and i was flying with god. i couldnt see him but i could feel him. im thirteen years old and i had that dream three years ago. and i felt like i had butterflies in my stomach. it was the best feeling. but when the ternado put me down i awoke. i smiled to myself afterwards thanking god for coming in my dream...... or was it a dream?
Voted : Yes, I've dreamt of God and I could see Him
God came to me in my dream and I tried to speak, but He silenced me. I dropped to my knees and began to pray, I was unworthy of Him. I asked for forgiveness. Then when I woke up, my knees were raised and my hands cinched in praying position. My heart was racing. Was it a dream, or did it really happen. The light was so bright. It was beautiful, like nothing else I'd ever seen.
I had a dream, where I walked and talked with God. We spoke of many things, both life and love, and how one can define the other. I woke feeling better than I ever had, and for once, I knew Gods Love. It was a life changing experiance
Even in my dreams I don't believe in gods.
Voted : No, I've never dreamt about God
hmmmm, after thinking about it, no, I never had such a dream.

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