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The haunted Stanley Hotel inspired Steven King to write "The Shining" while he stayed in room 217, but it is room 418 that reports the most ghostly activity.

Which is the most haunted hotel in America?

Back Inn Time ~ St. Albans, Vermont 8
Bullock Hotel ~ Deadwood, South Dakota 11
Carolina Inn ~ Chapel Hill, North Carolina 6
Crescent Hotel ~ Eureka Springs, Arkansas 21
Heathman Hotel ~ Portland, Oregon 4
Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza ~ Cincinnati, Ohio 6
Hotel Del Coronado ~ Coronado, California 5
Le Pavilion Hotel ~ New Orleans, Louisiana 6
Linden House ~ Champlain, Virginia 1
The Menger Hotel ~ San Antonio, Texas 8
Myrtles Plantation ~ St. Francisville, Louisiana 12
Queen Mary Hotel ~ Long Beach, California 7
Ramada Plaza Hotel ~ Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 5
Sagamore Hotel ~ Bolton Landing, New York 4
Stanley Hotel ~ Estes Park, Colorado 26
The Menger ~ San Antonio, Texas 10
The Taos Inn ~ Taos, New Mexico 6
The Hotel Weatherford ~ Flagstaff, Arizona 5
Eldridge Hotel ~ Lawrence, Kansas 4
Elms Hotel ~ Excelsior Springs, Missouri 12
Goldfield Hotel ~ Goldfield, Nevada 20
La Fonda Hotel ~ Santa Fe, New Mexico 2
Skirvin Hotel ~ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 39
The Plains Hotel ~ Cheyenne, Wyoming 5
Ivy House Inn ~ Casper, Wyoming 3
Hotel Meade ~ Bannack State Park ~ Dillon, Montana 1
Osceola Inn ~ Reed City, Michigan 8
Roosevelt Hotel ~ Hollywood, California 2
Travel Lodge Motel ~ Abilene, Texas 8
St. Nicholas Hotel ~ Cripple Creek, Colorado 4
Banff Springs Hotel ~ Alberta, Canada 6
The Landmark Inn ~ Marquette, Michigan 5
The Equinox ~ Manchester Village, Vermont 4
Hassayampa Inn ~ Prescott, Arizona 3
The Hermosa Inn ~ Scottsdale, Arizona 0
Tutwiler Hotel ~ Montgomery, Alabama 3
Rosario Resort ~ San Juan Islands, Washington 1
Renaissance Mayflower Hotel ~ Washington, DC 5
The Partridge Inn ~ Augusta, Georgia 10
Georgian Hotel ~ Santa Monica, California 0
The Pierpont Inn ~ Ventura, California 6
The Biltmore Hotel - Miami, Florida 3
The Golden North Hotel ~ Skagway, Alaska 1
The Sise Inn ~ Portsmouth, New Hampshire 1
The East Wind Inn ~ Tenant's Harbor, Maine 1
Saint James Hotel ~ Selma, Alabama 2
Battery Carriage House Inn ~ Charleston, South Carolina 2
Stone Lion Inn ~ Guthrie, Oklahoma 0
The Hotel Savoy ~ Kansas City, Missouri 4
Baraboo Inn ~ Baraboo, Wisconsin 1
Pfister Hotel ~ Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1
Gold Hill Hotel ~ Virginia City, Nevada 2
Nob Hill Inn ~ San Francisco, California 3
The Jerome Grand Hotel ~ Jerome, Arizona 4
manchester inn middletown ohio 3
Driskell Hotel ~ Austin,Texas 3
the crockett 9
St. James Hotel ~ Cimarron, New Mexico 1
The Renaissance Savory Hotel ~ Des Moines Iowa 4
Hearthstone Inn ~ Colorado Springs, Colorado 0
Von Minden Hotel ~ Schulenburg, Texas 1
Hotel Provincial ~ New Orleans, Louisiana 0
Mount Washington Hotel ~ Carroll, New Hampshire 0
Baker Hotel ~ Fort Worth Texas 0
Old Stagecoach Inn ~ Waterbury, Vermont 1

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Many of those listed are supposed to be very haunted.

From experience, the Crockett Hotel in San Antonio is haunted. That's where we usually stay when we go there. Me and my family have had several unexplained experiences there. From what sounded like monks chanting to very clear horse hooves trotting where there shouldnt be any horses. Very baffling. They're doing some remodeling, so this time we've booked rooms at the Menger for early next year.

The main reason for the Menger's haunting is supposed to be a maid that was murdered there back in the late 1800s or early 1900s. There's been several other experiences there, so most believe it's not just the maid that haunts the place. The staff there report seeing things on a regular basis. A co-worker of my mother's even had some every eerie occurences while staying there a few years ago. She thought it would be fun to stay in one of the old maids' quarters. Well, she didnt get any sleep and vowed to never stay at that hotel again. lol

Voted : Grey Gables Mansion ~ Richford, Vermont
That one just sounds haunted.
I've stayed at the Sagamore before. Didn't see anything.
Voted : Carolina Inn ~ Chapel Hill, North Carolina
I stayed at the Carolina Inn back in '80, when I was looking over the UNC campus. Admittedly, I was too busy acting like a sixteen-year-old technonerd to notice any paranorman activity (the puddle of drool I left near their refracting telescope is open daily to the public, free of charge). But I did hear all the stories.
Voted : Travel Lodge Motel ~ Abilene, Texas
The story of the haunted Travel Lodge Motel.

If you are traveling through Abilene, Texas late on evening and decide to rest you should be know that you might be resting with a ghost or two if you decide to stay at the Travel Lodge Motel.

Three rooms in the Travel Lodge Motel have very curious but undeniable happenings going on that have been reported to the clerk’s working the front desk. However, pay close attention to the clerk, because there is one that works the front desk that is not an employee and was never an employee and the worst part is no one has ever seen the person.

If you walk into the Travel Lodge Motel, and behind the desk is a man wearing all green and a cap so you cannot truly see his face, except for this red beard, then you are in the presence of a ghost. People have seen him during the early morning checking them into their rooms.

Other strange happenings in the Travel Lodge Motel include in one room the bathroom light will turn on and off by itself and make a rather loud clicking sound as it is turned either on or off. The light switch is sideways. In a separate room, you may find all of your belongings from your wallet or purse under the bed, as if a child were playing under the bed with your keys, credit cards, etc… The very last strange occurrence is between the hours of midnight and 2:30am, a foul; death smell can be found in one room. People believe the same spirit is causing the smell, playing the belonging and the lights. No one has an explanation for the ghostly night clerk.

Voted : Osceola Inn ~ Reed City, Michigan
Voted : Goldfield Hotel ~ Goldfield, Nevada
The Goldfield Hotel, with 154 rooms was built over an old gold mine, which began operating first in 1908. later, it underwent extensive renovations.

It is thought that this hotel is haunted by several ghosts. For example, in a small room at the west end, in the employees’ section, room number 109, appears a pregnant woman. She has been seen chained to a radiator in the room by psychics. It is said that she was a pregnant prostitute called Elizabeth, who was chained there by George Winfield, who owned the hotel originally. After she gave birth, Elizabeth was left chained in the room, where she died, while her baby was flung into an old shaft of the mine. In fact, the ghost of Elizabeth was even captured on photographic film by a reporter.

It is also said that George Winfield’s ghost haunts the George Winfield Room, located on the first floor. George’s ghost has also been seen at the staircase near the lobby, where the ghosts of two children and a midget are also seen sometimes. A room on the third floor on the southwest side and the Theodore Roosevelt Room are also said to be filled with high psychic energy.

According to some psychics, the Goldfield Hotel is supposed to be one amongst the seven portals that is supposed to reach across to the so-called ‘other side’ that is in existence today.

Hotel Del Coronado. I stayed in room 3519, March 16 2011.
We left an orange on the counter above the refrigerator before we went to bed. It was in the refrigerator in the morning.
I had two small bottles of water next to the bed. In the middle of the night I briefly smelt a sweet scent passing by the bed. In the morning one of the bottles was missing...never to be found.
I have balance problems. In the morning I was standing next to bed and had a sensation as if someone was passing too near and I fell into the bed.
When I stood near the closet I had strange, wavy vibrations in my head.

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