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ANSWER : Charmin is the best seller

Charmin 132
Cottonelle 72
Scott 63
Angel Soft 38
Marcel 4
Fort James 4
Fort Howard 3
Waldorf 1

Ballot #113470: has 317 total votes.
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Voted : Charmin
The Washington Times?

Voted : Charmin
The brand that Bush's resignation is written on?
wtf made you get so desperate you made this ballot?
I have no idea. I never bought any. I don't use it either. I pay an illegal immigrat $50 bucks to hose me out. Great little worker.
Voted : Fort James
Could it be Fort James, maybe, because hotels use it?
omg, that visual!!!!!
hey we get charmin in the uk too!
ch ch ch ch charmin! :P
Voted : Scott
probably the cheapest one except for most store brands.
Voted : Fort James
This one. It's used by corporations.

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