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There are two popular theories of why the show was cancelled by the producers. It was arguably still doing well enough financially to continue, although the ratings had started to dip a bit, or at least had steadied off.
The theory that Hall himself seems to promote was his decision to have the controversial Louis Farrakhan as a guest on his show.
Another plausible theory is that they were afraid of negative backlash because of his volatile temper. He "lost it" (his temper) with members of the "Queer Nation" who were vocally protesting in the audience of one of his tapings. Apparently they wanted him to provide a political forum for them on the show by having a show with gay activists???
Why do you think the show was cancelled? It aired in the late eighties and early nineties.

the Louis Farrakhan theory 58%
because he lost his temper with "Queer Nation" protesters in the audience 8%
Racism 13%
other, see comment 20%

Ballot #114845: has 84 total votes.
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Voted : other, see comment
He wasn't that funny and even Rush Limbaugh was under his wrath too. Why go after Rush ( and unintentional promote rush's tv show that was actually shown in the midnight hour in most places)
Was Rush's show beating Hall in the ratings? Naaaaaah.

Voted : the Louis Farrakhan theory
Farrakhan was *not* a cuddly person back then. Even I couldn't stomach watching him, and my viewership of the show dropped off after Hall had him on.
Either before my time or aired past my Bed time
Voted : the Louis Farrakhan theory
Persona non grata...considered to be a threat, maybe a "cultist" and in mainstream media, he basically still is...
Voted : other, see comment
The show was terrible near the end and he just didn't have the talent or the writers to keep it going.

"WOOP WOOP WOOP" can honestly take you only so far. It was good for a couple of years but it was really, REALLY bad the last year it was on. It was painful to watch.

^^^ I never saw his show
he started to believe his a big Head and forgot why people liked him to begin with..
Voted : other, see comment
Arsenio was a mean-spirited, gay bashing, affirmative action show that needed canceling.
Voted : other, see comment
He couldn't interview to save his life.
Voted : other, see comment
He got Clinton elected, so he served his purpose.

I wonder if his show will make a comeback next year...

Two words: Poor ratings
Voted : other, see comment
He was a one-trick pony.
Voted : other, see comment
Arsenio's show was syndicated. When FOX decided to step into the late-night arena, they pushed Arsenio's show to a later time slot so they could air "The Chevy Chase Show" opposite "The Tonight Show". Chevy's show only lasted 6 weeks. Arsenio should have been returned to his old time. But the damage was done.
Voted : Racism
The Man was uncomfortable with having a black late night talk show host.
Voted : other, see comment
Who cares I dont remember the 80's
Voted : other, see comment
The Rush Limbaugh was doing better in the percentage of people watching in the time frame they were watching.
If Rush and Arsenio was on back to back, Rush would beat him.
In fact, in one city, Rush and Arsenio was on at the same time and Rush won the rating wars.

Voted : other, see comment
ratings not that good
Voted : other, see comment
it was a bad show

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