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which country has the friendliest women? This is not necessarily love, but plain courtesy,respect, and friendly attitude or personality.
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LCD : on Apr 03, 2014 because .

greece 23%
Philippines 15%
France 8%
U.S.A 6%
Brazil 5%
Russia 5%
Can't pick just one 4%
Canada 4%
Germany 4%
Japan 2%
United Kingdom 2%
Australia 2%
Mexico 1%
Sweden 1%
india 1%
Norway 1%
poland 1%
Argentina 1%
Singapore 1%
Portugal 1%
Romania <1%
Israel <1%
Bangladesh <1%
Ethiopia 0%

Ballot #115502: has 1165 total votes.
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Voted : Can't pick just one
I've been to over forty countries in my life, and all of them had friendly women. Even *France*...(shudder)

Lol @ this ballot...

Most of the respondents are likely to be from the US and have probably never been abroad in their lives (except maybe to Mexico or Canada).

Technically, Puerto Rico is not a country.
Portugal should be an option. We're friendly. :(
If it is not up there,add Portugal :-)
With all of the Greece turmoil, are they still friendly over there?

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