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[+] ballot by CouchGnome

Some of them are so soft spoken and treat their man real good, unlike ultra shallow materialistic frigid white girls. your thoughts?
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yes 418
no 286
pussy is pussy unless it smells bad 68
Absolutely not. White girls are the best. 63
Bang Asians chicks with COCK in there tight Pussys 42
Yeah, great personality and not as slutty. 37
Asian Chicks Rule! 34
any race but BLACK 33
Buck-toothed Asian chicks better? Are you high? 29
hot but no personality 28
asian girls are goddesses 27
I hear tell that their cunts are slanted 14
Some are REAL hot! 14
i'd like to put my COCK in an ASIAN 13
obviously.asian american girls are the bomb 12
Hotter, yes. Better personalities, not always. 12
They're less hairy for sure... 11
no, only white americans think so! 9
Chinese girls are the best asian you can get 9
You're all moronic dribbling mouth-breathers 8
Asian pussies smell like rotten fish 8
some of the most ignorant shit on this poll 8
Only if they're Japanese 8
any girl has better character thanleftist feminazi 7
no-chinese are shit eaters 7
Thais and Cambodians are the best 7
r 7
oohh sucky sucky my love you long time $5 dollar 7
white girls give bad head 6
both are cute being american makes them dumb 6
latino women are the sexiest 6
it depends 6
they make better domestic servants 5
white american chiks's have the nicest arse's 5
Couchgnome is a bitch with an inferiority complex. 4
mexican chics give the best head 4
Sucky Sucky? Five dollah? 4
Just those who knows the martial arts are hotter. 4
white girls are more popular 3
White girls smell like wet dogs 3
Asian with my stick up her ass 3
like my cars, i buy american 3
Hotter yes, personalities no 3
im a pure asian and i dont have bad breath!! 2
asianswould look better if they had nosebones 2
mexican chics give good head 2
Oh, you too beaucoup! 1
dont tink about it. date your white girls. 0
i pity you all 0
whites, asians have no good ass's to do 0

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What is it with White American men and Asian women?

Come on? I see some guys would like a little girl to dominate . i,e oriental women.

But nicer than white women? Wtf?

You have to have an inferiority complex and a small pecker to prefer oriental women over the beautiful white woman.

i don't like white girles very much,Mainly because their skin is dry and rough.but I 've only dated white girls.I wanna meet Asians but where??
Dude, most Asian chicks have either really small noses or big ass noses. They have no asses and speak English faster then Americans.
stefi must be a fat cow bitch with no man. First off, I'm talking about well nourished Asian American girls, not those malnourished ones in China. Got that fatty???
yes got more.i think someone voted multiple times. but oh well, i agree asian girls are cuter. i think its a fact there are waaayy more white girls in america, but i've seen more hot asian girls than white girls.
I think that people who depict a certain race as being hotter or different due to their race... Lets not go there... I feel that anyone who is looking for a personality in a woman wont even notice what race or origins she came from. It simply wont matter to you. If you like someone alot because of their personality, well this question means nothing to you. If you are a person who is looking for personality but also looks at physical attributes and notices things like race, then you arent going to find 'her' or 'him' anytime soon. Trust me.
will you go out with me, richard harbridge?
Well considering i'll settle for a hot asain or hot white girl it makes no different to me, but a little culture in the bedroom is something i've always wanted to try.
LOL, I am always willing to go out with anyone once, futtbuck3r88.
white girls have the most pungent head oil.
But seriously, hands down, Black girls are the hottest. Big booty, big tits, juicy pussy, energetic
But then asian girls are very limber. limber is a very important factor
White girls are: uhhhhhhh more willing to take in the behind
I think that Asians are nicer cuz I'm white and my best friend is Korean. She totally is way nicer and more submissive. Koreans are the best ASian group...japanese suck.
blonde soccer chicks are horny
What is it with White American men and Asian women?

I'll tell you why, becuase they are sweet,innocent, petite, and are easily pleasured with their tight pussies and if you are a guy your goal in life is to bang one of those bitches :)

Not all caucasian/asian women are as you describe. Theres whores in both races. Theres good people in both races. You cannot stereotype like that.
It's just preference.I agree with egg_boy.I would like to date Asians.But apparently they don't like I'm seeing English exchange student for now.I don't think asians are more beautiful than white girls.but they are thinner.haha.and I also think that Asians are more elegant.
I don't know about hotter, but they are very pretty. Besides I don't care for that "American style" hot anyway. I could love a pretty little Korean or Japanese girl.
If you want to date an Asian girl, be prepared to spend a lot of time in the Hello Kitty store at the mall.
Asian girls are sweet, literally, I've never met an asian pussy I didn't like!
And some white girls, particularly redheads, just stank!
I'd choose asian over caucasian any day without persuasion!

Don't knock what you haven't tried -- I've tasted every continental flava and none cums close to azn -- most of them are beautiful, whereas most caucasian women are ugly as sin (and 95% of white chicks are shallow and self-obsessed) who needs them?
That said - the more of you morons out there who don't like hot asian women, the better -- more for guys with good taste!

Asian girls and white guys mostly only happens in America.

I'd rather have a White woman, or a black woman, or Latino. Beforeanytype of Asian be it Arab or Oriental.

facial wise Orientals are not the nicest looking women (every guy has to admit that), add to that they have the least curves, smallest breasts. A guy with a small d1ck would love 'em thinkin they are tight. Like a preteen. It's sick but true. I'm convinced that only men with small dicks like oriental women.

good for you, I'm not disputing the fact that there are nice looking oriental women that actually own a pair of breasts.
Hey DonJuan, come to Winnipeg, we'll go to empire and have a macking contest.
See how many women we leave with.
How about that?

asians definitely look hotter.
Dude I am Flip (filipino). (if you r talking about Japs(japanese) or chinese than ya they r ugly.
Once u go chink, u never rethink.....U know thats funny i was just sayng the other day how culturally deprived young white girls r these days. they still have flat chests and plate asses, they're still dumb as shit, they all lose their virginity b4 their 14 birthday and frankly, they're not cool ne more. y buy american used goods when u can go over seas. just ask r kelly
Ancient Chinese secret, huh?
me sucky sucky
Most white people seem to be trash and live in trailers,asians are smart and often drive mercedes and expensive cars cuz they're not lazy asses and have very low iq's like more whites,im not being racist,i'm just telling the straight truth,white people are trash.
This is exactly the kind of ignorance that made the world the way it is. All women have the potential to be hot. Get over yourselves.
This poll was meant to be a joke, I like all girls in all shapes and sizes, except fat and chunky.
i love asians!!!!!
any sexy asian women who wanna play im a single 27 yr. old white male who love asian women

" really like a women who knows how to cook.
by gagoonies on Jan 11, 2004"

And that doesn't surprise me in the slightest

dunno about hot, but their personalities r usually different and sumtimes even better. asians r soft spoken and they take relationships more seriously. i'm asian and our culture's a bit diff u kno. like when i came in here so rude and abusive and all that, but now i'm used 2 that. it's how u ppl behave, and it's diff. so one may find an asian comforting and really helpful if ur in trouble, u kno. they kinda have more values. u may call that conservative, but on the whole that's not xactly so.
*i 4got 2 log in last time. that's my comment.*

but on the whole i think it depends more on the individual and not wut race they belong 2. u'll find a lot o' ugly, stupid ppl in evry race.

since no one knows every asian and white american woman nobody knows for sure.
this is a shame
Asian women are one of the best! Hispanics are too! Dang it, they come in different flavors: Cambodian, Vietnamese, Korean and Japenese. I'm Spanish-American with a long family history tracing back to Spain. I can't help it that I love Asian women. Since I don't have myself an attractive Asian woman, I got to find one! Compared to Americans, they tend to be more intelligent, higher class, physically fit, take good care of themselves, elegant and of course, they can cook! Physical features are outstanding, they're exotic with long jet black silky hair and unique eyes! Once I dated a very athletic Asian who was born in Korea and raised in New Zealand. She was college educated and extremely intelligent and energetic! Sun Young was her name. Sometimes, I feel like a drooling pre-schooler when she briefly explains the purpose of Calculus. LOL I love that in women. She wasn't exactly short, but about 5'8. Her legs were gorgeous when she wore a pair of shorts, makes my already muscular legs look like chicken. Her body was hard and tight that I kissed it all over. Yummy! She was hot and so wild. Dang it, she was already married and has two kids. We went along great and she couldn't keep herself off me and me too. I'd love to date or even marry an Asian! They're one of the best!! Asian women, I love you, dang it!!
dunno what women r hotter but all u guys posting here are stopid jerks, cept u richard
man there are some really racist people on this site! Whoo! But anyway pussy is pussy. There are a lot of hot asian girls and they are a lot of hot white american chicks too. one thing i have noticed on my short time on this planet white chicks tend to have great boobs. I dont' know what it is. Gotta love white chick boobs. That's one great thing about this country.
Asian women cos they obey you and cook your dinner and take it up the ass without complaining.
jesus, the fantasy worlds some folks live in.
Voted : hot but no personality
Hot, whatever you think, but personalities suck with them. They are so stuck up and snotty.
Hot girls are hot! no matter what race!
richard are you saying a hot girl cant have a good personality?
Voted : no
most asian americans are shallow and materialistic. why do you think they went to america in the first place? because theyre shallow and want to be in a shallow country. if they were down to earth, they would have went to a country like cuba, or syria
we can't be all that bad if we attract other races
Voted : yes
it depends with the parents
This is such a stereotype. There are wonderful asian women and kind, loving white women but just from experience I lived with 3 koreans this past year in college and they were the vialist, racists, meaniest, DIRTIEST--I'm talking bloody panties being left in the bathroom for DAYS--people I had ever met. SO no.

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