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result #125276 - HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S YA JERKY TURDS!!!!

[+] joke ballot by fivenotes

Ok I took it a bit far there. You're all just warm turds to me:) lol j/k.

Ok so any good pranks pulled today ya know of?
I heard of the Legend of Zelda movie gag.

Yes but I ain't telling. 3
Nope. 2
Yes and I will comment below. 1
No but I will tell of the ones I heard/saw today. 1

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Voted : Yes and I will comment below.
aya sent me a good one, for which I haven't duly thanked her, about a Doctor Who-Battlestar Galactica crossover movie, featuring an all-out fight between Cybermen and Cylons. I did get happy, until I saw the article date.

Also in Guild Wars anyone level 20 was a stick figure lol.

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