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[+] serious ballot by Grapost

Female butts come in all shapes and sizes. But some races a higher than average numbe of bigger butts.

American Black 77
African 62
Brazilians 44
Spanish 10
Puerto Rican 10
Arab 5
Polish 4
English 4
Indian 3
Armenian 3
The Human Race 3
Italians 2
Russian 1
Agentinian 1
Irish 1
Jewish 0

Ballot #125308: has 230 total votes.
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Which race of men have the teeniest xxxxxxs ? Another rhetorical question ?

(walks away, shaking head)
Here we go again, same old sh*t again...

BTW: Are you taking a survey Grapost, the very idea that you are interested in which race of women that has the largest buttock is a testimony that you have some deep rooted desire to have such a woman in your confused racist camp...

Voted : Brazilians
I'm curious as to how Brazilian women have that butt shelf as frequently you see on black women yet they are typically mixed racially.

From an analytical perspective I'd assume there's allot of positive selection going on down there for that shelf...or maybe it's the water.

*waits quietly for the 'biggest tits' ballot*

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