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[+] serious ballot by Grapost

On Discovery Channel there episodes that deal with mystery illnesses. It later turns out the person was poisoned. But it was hard to diagnose because the poison used was so uncommon.

What poison is best to use to kill someone that would be very hard to detect as an INTENTIONAL dose.

Botulism Toxin 2
E-Coli Bacteria 1
Snake venom 1
Riacin 0
Adrenalin producing stress 0
Nicotine Sulfate 0

Ballot #127308: has 4 total votes.
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This is a question you do *not* want me to answer.

I hope you didn't Google it?
A person was convicted because he Googled for info on how to kill someone.

Just remember, Google does set cookies on your machine when you do searches, and if you are logged in to a Google account such as Blogger or Gmail, your records are stored on Google's servers.

Voted : Adrenalin producing stress
It will kill someone and no one would or COULD ever know. Even if you TOLD someone you did it, it could bever be held against you.

"My wife died because I insulted her to death." They'd send you home.

I'm an evil genius.

Voted : Nicotine Sulfate
You only have to get a little on the skin to kill. It used to be used in some insecticides, but it's banned now. Also, there's a certain mushroom, I can't remember the name of it, that takes a very long time to kill. No antidote, and the symptoms don't begin to show up for weeks or even months, but anyone eating that mushroom is dead within a few months. Gives lots of time to get away. Pharmacists who want to kill themselves often use an overdose of potassium (it dosn't show up because everybody already has potassium in their bodies - too high a patassium level and the muscles, including the heart, don't work right). Now, I've done my fiendish deed for today.

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