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Here is a list of common activity and examples that you may encounter in your home if it's haunted.

Feelings Of being watched 10
Your Mother-in-law lives with you... And she's been dead for three years. 8
Unexplained shadows 7
Footsteps, knocks, banging, rapping or scratching sounds 6
Doors, cabinets and cupboards opening and closing 5
Cold or hot spots 4
Moving or levitating objects 4
Flatuance odors and you or the dog didn't do it 4
Items disappearing and reappearing 3
Odd animal behavior 2
Lights turning off and on 1
Physical contact 1
Unexplained smells 0
Apparitions 0
Slimer 0

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Voted : Moving or levitating objects
My sister's had things to literally fly off of where they sit. They would land across the room. No 'logical' explanation. Sometimes blinking lights or banging can be explained. Even cold spots or nervous dogs. But when shit starts flying off of shelves, it gets hard to ignore and write off with the current logic set.

I've felt something touch me or bump into me in some places. My mother's had something to push on the back of her head at her house.

Voted : Moving or levitating objects
This happened to me but it I think it was something LIKE a haunting, but not a haunting. A next door neighbor gave me a teddy bear and a cross stitch picture she made of the same teddy bear. It was a cute set. She gave it to me the day before she moved away, as a goodbye gift. I kept them on a bookshelf in my room. One night, while I was reading in bed, the bear flew off the shelf and landed on my head. I threw it out right away. Then I took the cross stitched picture and put it on my wall. I felt safe; what could a picture do? A few days later when I came home from work, the cross stitch picture was hanging upside down on my wall, defying gravity!

I threw that out, too. I told my boyfriend about both incidents and he said he refrained from telling me that the lady who gave me the gifts had been a practicably witch.

^That should be "practicing" witch...

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