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Casey Anthony, accused of murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee Anthony in 2008 was found not guilty by a jury on July 5, 2011. She was only found guilty on 4 misdemeanor charges of lying to police, which means since she's been locked up for 3 years she could theoretically walk free with time served.

No it's a travesty of justice 15
Yes the jury made the right decision based on the facts presented 7
Since I didn't sit in that jury box, I just don't know. 7

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All I know is I can never forget those big bright adorable innocent eyes of Caylee . How anyone could even imagine snuffing the life from her is far beyond me.

Voted : Since I didn't sit in that jury box, I just don't know.
The way evidence is presented to a jury differs greatly from what we get in the news. All I can say is that if she could be acquitted in Florida, the evidence must have contained major flaws, or the police work flawed
Voted : Yes the jury made the right decision based on the facts presented
I just cannot figure why they don't go after that guy who told the police many times there was something weird and there was nothing there. Then the police found her body exactly where they had looked many times before and they say the body had been moved there. I say this guy had something to do with it.
Voted : Since I didn't sit in that jury box, I just don't know.
What vitasveritas said. Even the prosecutor stated that he could see the jury's point of view.

I do think that if it had not gotten the national attention that it got, she would have been found guilty. The jury had the spotlight on them and I'm sure was instructed on the importance of "beyond a reasonable doubt" a little more so than if it was just kept local.

There's actually people now who are wanting a more strict selective process for juries because of the verdict. They want professionals and people with a better knowledge of law on juries instead of "idiots like those in Florida". Bad move. The type of "idiot" that got her off could be the same type that gets me off of something that I'm truly innocent of.

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