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[+] joke ballot by vitasveritas

People are always saying "I'm just dieing to do... (this or that)" So... finish the statement: "I'm just dieing for a ride in..."

a Ferrari." 3
a Hearse." 3
a Maserati." 1
a Lamborghini." 1
a Bentley." 1
a Rolls Royce." 0

Ballot #139721: has 9 total votes.
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Voted : a Hearse."
The correct answer is a hearse, of course. We're all dieing for a ride in one of those.

Voted : a Ferrari."
if im gonna die in a car, a ferrari for sure, or a maserati
by ABC [+]

Italian cars are for morons...

and I used to own some.

I have started a campaign to spit on any ferrari I see on the road. the campaign is gaining momentum.

and not just spit. pee in the gas tank, and if it's a convertible, #2 on the drivers seat.

I believe that within 10 years, every italian cars will be pooped in at least once.

spread the word. poop on an italian car.
by LCD [+]

No Caddy? American made luxury?Made In fine states like Texas, Kentucky, Michigan and Silao, Mexico.{central America is still American}

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