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[+] ballot by ABC

ANSWER : the guard whispered Do not to show it to anyone

The items were taken away, no charges 10
the guard whispered Do not to show it to anyone 7
He was arrested & charged with possession 5
the prime minister & him went out back and they got high 4
He was sent to a labour camp in the NWT for 40 years 0

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Voted : the guard whispered Do not to show it to anyone
Guess Canadians love pot.

Voted : The items were taken away, no charges
After all, it is Canada.
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Voted : the guard whispered Do not to show it to anyone
my guess
Been there before, and I've smoked pot as recently as last night. Two don't strike me as a good combo, especially with that fascist automaton harper in the PMO these days.
Lucky he wasn't in the US he'd have been arrested for terrorism.

Just lucky it was a decent guard. If it had been a jobsworth....

Never knew your son was an MP.
That's it. I'm moving to either California or Canada!
he isnt an MP, they went on a tour
by ABC [+]

Vive Le Canada
sounds like a scene from trailer park boys, but if your son in law was Ricky he and the prime minister would have gone out back and got high. lol, I loved that show
He should be arrested and charged with being a Terrorist.

The users of illegal drugs fund the massive Drug Cartels and Terrorist Organizations around the world.

Illegal drug users have blood on the hands and are responsible for contributing to thousands of murders, beatings, tortures, Bombings and the corruption of governments worldwide.

There continued use and purchase of illegal drugs funds all this.

They are the same as agents of Al-Quaida.

They are assisting the enemy!

TheAntidote, were your parents brother and sister?

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