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[+] serious ballot by TheAntidote

Prices keep going up and income keeps going down, forcing people and families to cut back on things. Especially since the economic meltdown in 2008.

So what things have you cut back on to make ends meet?

Cable TV Channels 2
Annual Vacation 0
Driving 0
Pot Smoking 0
Entertainment Events 0
Snack Foods 0
Dining Out 0
Veterinary Care 0
Clothing 0
Home Repairs 0
Essential Necessities... 0

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Voted : Essential Necessities...
Like Life, Medical and Home Owners Insurance. Cut the Grocery bill, gave up many Social Activities, like the Sport Club Membership, Fishing, Hunting and Golfing. Sold the Boat, the Motorcycle and the ATV (needed the $$$ more then the toys).

Then I injured my back and needed surgery. Have to rely on state insurance to cover that and perscripotions. Can't see it getting any better anytime soon either.

Voted : Cable TV Channels
I gave up cable TV in order to still smoke weed. I go to my boyfriends house and watch his cable. This way I still get to watch those swamp people.

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