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[+] serious ballot by vitasveritas

Philadelphia means "brotherly love"? Does anyone else see the Irony in that, or am I the only one? Jerusalem means "peace" of God. hmmm? And how much "peace" (Salem) was Salem, Massachusetts practicing when they were burning witches a few Centuries back? Many cities have names which people may have aspired to when founding them; but, which may never have lived up to the name. Since names come from root words, your additions here may require some explanation so we can see their qualification as "truly ironic" names. Come back and vote for the MOST ironic.

Jerusalem 3
Death Valley, CA 2
Los Angeles, CA 2
Stoolbend,Va 1
Corpus Christi, TX 1
Philadelphia 0
Salem, OR 0
Salem, MA 0

Ballot #140130: has 9 total votes.
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Voted : Corpus Christi, TX
It means "Body of Christ" but Corpus Christi is more like "Sin City."
I know, I lived there for 18 years.

Voted : Death Valley, CA
Though really considered a National park, there is a community there including a museum and a golf course. The irony is, people living there are not dead! lol
Voted : Los Angeles, CA
The 'City of Angels'. Now that is ironic.
Voted : Los Angeles, CA
Good Answer! I tried to send karma for this one; but, alas a new user such as I has none to send. If I was up to no good, or knew how to be, I would no doubt have plenty. I don't care about karma or the lack thereof.

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