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There has been and continue be debates regarding who is the GREATEST basketball player of all-times. There are those who would venture to say that Michael "Your Airness" Jordan without a doubt is the GREATEST of all-times. What do you think? Is he or isn't he? If not in your opinion, then who is?

Michael Jordan 129
Magic Johnson because he has a huge cock 63
Larry Bird 26
Wilt Chamberlain 23
Kobe Bryant 19
"Magic" Johnson 14
Bill Russell 9
Oscar Robinson 7
Kareem Abdul Jabbar 5
Michael Jackson 4
Shaq Oneill 3
Sam Bowie 3
John Madden 3
LeBron James 3
Earl "The Pearl" Monroe 2
Tiger Woods 2
Manute Bol 2
Mark Madsen 0
Dwyane Wade 0
Jerry West ("Mr. Clutch!") 0

Ballot #28236: has 317 total votes.
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Most obvious ballot of all time.
lets hear micheal jordan do a falsetto like robin gib on the beegees or michael jackson
The Big O, Oscar Robertson. And to whoever put Sam Bowie's name in here...THERAPY. It HELPS.
Obviously Mark Madsen
Bill Russell not only had TALENT for the game, he also had INTELLIGENCE, enough to earn two of his ELEVEN championship rings as a COACH. And, for the MORON who put Tiger Woods' name in- BUY A NEWSPAPER. Learn how to READ it...
mike jordan
Voted : Kobe Bryant
I am going to have to say Kobe... Jordan might have the title right now but when Kobe retires, he will take it away. Kobe Bryant will go down as the greatest basketball player that has ever lived.

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