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Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC 8
Dirty - Christina Aguilara 5
Dirty Diana - Michael Jackson 5
Dirty Mother For You - Roosevelt Sykes 3
Dirty White Boy- foreigner 2
Dirty Love - Frank Zappa 0
Dirty Mind - Prince 0
Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground - The White Stripes 0
Dirty Water - The Standells 0
I'm a fool to do your dirty work 0
Dirty, Dirty Feeling - Elvis Presley 0
Talk Dirty to Me - Posion 0
Dirty Laundry - Don Henley 0
Dirrrty-One of them britney clones 0

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Damn - I can't think of a single one! It'll probably occur to me in the middle of the night. Good question.

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