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[+] joke ballot by americanoutlawa

Do you think that "The Dixie Chicks" are Communists?

No Way 9
Your Joking, Right? 4
Maines is a bitch 4
They're just 3 dumb sluts! 4
Oh, Hell Yeah!!!! 2
Yes They Are!! 0

Ballot #5452: has 23 total votes.
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They're just a bunch of dumb sluts.

From Dixie? Communist? Burn them and their Jewboy/Nigger/Liberal/North of the Mason Dixon line cohorts. Then piss on their ungodly fiddles.
Nope: Just some folks that were patriotic enough to call a spade a spade and not offer blind allegiance to a man who was in the process of undermining the USA.
they suck. they are the dixie hicks!

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