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[+] joke ballot by mojo

The one that annoys you most, makes you lunge for the OFF button.

A variation on a classic ballot...
this ballot was closed by maintainer :
LCD : on Oct 10, 2014 because Whitney Houston is a nigger.

Tom Jones 11%
Rod Stewart 10%
Clay Aikman - horrific! 8%
Justin Timberlake 6%
Seth Putnam of course! 6%
Madonna - She sings through her nose 5%
Celine Dion 5%
Ja Rule 5%
Bruce Springstein 5%
Bob Dylan 5%
Michael Bolton 4%
william shatner 4%
Xtina 4%
Diamonda Galas 4%
Vreena Hooper 4%
Whitney Houston 1%
William Hung <1%
John Ashcroft <1%
Geddy Lee (Rush) <1%
Aviril Lavigne <1%
Whiny singer of Simple Plan. Ugh!!!!!!!! <1%
Tom Waits <1%
John Popper - lead singer of Blues Traveler <1%
Eric Cartman <1%
Macy Gray <1%
Mariah Carey <1%
frankie valli <1%
Freddie Mercury <1%
Yoko Ono <1%
Bonnie Rait (It's a heartache) 0%
barbara streisand 0%
Jennifer Lopez 0%
C H E R 0%
Natalie Merchant 0%
hilary duff 0%
Brian Johnson - ACDC 0%
Allison Krause 0%
elton john 0%
Ashlee Simpson 0%
shredded cheddar cheese 0%
Steve Perry - fomer lead singer of Journey 0%
Bon Scott (ACDC) 0%
fantasia 0%
freddy mercury 0%
Hilary Duff or Lindsy Lohan 0%

Ballot #56540: has 1160 total votes.
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Gratingest, LOL!

by zig [+]

Shouldn't that be the most grating? :p
Clay Aikman - terrible..
No no no, mojo! Bad Girl!
TOM JONES?! Surely you jest, sir!
** karma **
I added Tom Jones. It's my opinion. You don't have to agree.
Christina is a slut
but her voice is amazing

no brainer. Bill Shatner
Bob Dylan is a folk lengend and a rock n roll god. He writes brilliant material and sings like angel...If you find him annoying, don't listen to Leonard Cohen, Tom Petty, Eddie Vedder or Conor Oberst. Dylan is a musican genius.
it's not fair, we should have a male and to choose between celine dion and michael bolton its too much.
No, not Capt. Kirk! arghh
Avril lavigne I can't stand her. "Duiz za shlink I wuz ga-hunna give lit shlup dooo lou" She slurs so bad I always turn her off.

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