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Okay, so this guy wouldn't sell the Pill to a couple who already had four children and neither wanted - nor could afford - another. If people who ring up purchases at the cash register can make decisions about what people can buy based on their personal beliefs, what can we expect next?

I won't let you vote, you may not vote Republican 4
Refuse to sell condoms, spilling seed not in woman 3
Alchohol kills. I'm not selling this poison to you - to hell with your 'cocktail party'! 2
You're obese. I refuse to sell you this Big Mac because fat people disgust me. 2
I refuse to sell you this lipstick; you are a painted harlot and I won't encourage you. 0
I'm a vegan, and I refuse to sell you this meat, you heartless killer. 0
I refuse to fill your gas tank, you wasteful, unpatriotic SUV-driver. 0
I will not sell you this insulin, as it goes against God's will. 0
This bustier will make you look like a slut. You can't buy it; you're encouraging rapists. 0
refusal to sell cigs due to second hand smoke 0
I refuse to sell TVs to people who watch Spongebob 0

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Everywhere you turn there seems to be some prick that wants to inflict his religious belief on strangers.
Fire the a$$hole. He's not doing his job so get someone who will. If that woman gets pregnant I say this jagoff should pay the child support.

This is like if the guy at the 7-11 refused to sell you soap.

The bastard should be beaten...
Then he deserves to loose his job, or his business !!!
too bad his parents didnt use the pill!
I say that his parents should be FINED for his mother not taking the pill, his father not using a condom, and for the Pharmacist surviving the birth, yep, *sigh* I think that covers everyone...
John Ashcroft called the birth control pill 'Baby Pesticides'.
No shoes for women: They should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.
uhh..says Al Bundy, shoe salesman.
Well now, Al Bundy is the true inspiration for twin beds and birth control, when was the last time he agreed to do the horizontal polka with his wife? hmmmmmm...
(jackboots, getting louder in the streets...)

If these so-called defenders of moral virtue were to have their own closets rooted through...

And yes, Bubba, we fire the guy- out of a cannon across the Afghani-Iraqi border.
Yeah fire'em, he's in the wrong field. I would like to see that article though.
Erasmus - in the Washington Post, A section, today - March 28.

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