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result #72015 - GUYS WEARING PANTIES

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Have ant guys here ever worn panties or any girls know a guy that has?
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Guy, Always wear them 33%
Guy, Have worn them 25%
I'm wearing them right now 10%
love wearing them! 7%
Panties are all i have 3%
Guy, did it for g/f 2%
Everyday 2%
tried it a few times 2%
Guy, never 2%
Girls, My b/f has worn mine 2%
saw his pink waistband 1%
Saw my dad in them 1%
My Brother <1%
saw boy at school <1%
Arnold Schwarzenegger wears them...REALLY! <1%
Girl, never seen a man in them (and don't want to) <1%
Most cowboys do <1%
my neighbor does <1%
my brother <1%
Not me, but I have heard of a few wearing it over their face. <1%
please keep your panties in your drawer & shut up <1%
Joe Namath supposedly wore them 0%

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I know someone that wears tiger striped thong undies. :)

They were a lacy, delicate job with a little frill. On a big hairy guy that happened to be my uncle. Looked liked a walking contradiction from hell. Have you ever wanted to carve your own eyes out with a spoon? I have.
Do you wear panties? o_O
Lmao guys wearing panties
Tadema-- how did u know I wear tiger striped thongs!!!???
I've dated them, don't care what they wear, it is what's in their wallet that counts!!
In an interview with Jay Leno circa 1994-95, Arnold Schwarzenegger said he wears women's underwear.
LMAO - girls wearing boxers! No double standards here, seon!
Lol looks like Arnold is the “girlie man” and people can wear whatever they want, I just happen to find guys wearing panties funny.
And I actually find girls wearing boxers hot, in fact girls wearing anything is hot.
My sister made me put on a pair of her panties.
That's all I was wearing. She tied me to a chair and she invited 12 girls over to look and laugh at me wearing my sister's panties. I was truly embarrassed.

I used to wear my sister's panties when I was young. I only wore them when nobody was home. I almost got caught by my sister. I know for a fact that my sister would have made me kiss her butt if she would have caught me.
That's just absolutely disgusting and visa versa.
Voted : Girl, never seen a man in them (and don't want to)
Repuslive. I would never want a guy to do this. I would never ask someone to humiliate themselves and would reject anyone who wanted me to.
wear 'em 24/7!!
try them for a week, you won't go back to tighty whitey's
Seriously guys, wearing your sisters underwear?

That's highly disturbing...

(is guilty of owning a manthong tho)

Voted : Everyday
I wear panties all the time
I wear panties all the time, they feel so good. Satin panties are my favorite. Lots of men wear panties and most men who wear panties are straight. I often visit this place its a great place to meet, chat with and see others who wear panties.

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