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Which country is home to the worlds toughest people?

USA 27%
Eskimos 13%
Russia 9%
Canada 8%
England 5%
Australia 5%
Ireland 3%
The Afghanis 3%
Germany 2%
Iraqis 2%
The Scots 2%
Israel 2%
New Zealand 1%
South Africa 1%
China 1%
France 1%
Samoa 1%
Lesotho 1%
Italy 1%
Finnish 1%
Philippines 1%
The Kalahari Bushmen 1%
Vietnam 0%
Finland 0%
anything not human 0%
Northern Irish 0%
Mongolia 0%

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American Cowboys, and wilderness frontiersmen are the toughest. Don't say they don't exist anymore there are still plenty of cowboys in the U.S.

Tough people are found all over the planet. They are people who face any of an almost endless number of challenges. Facing and overcoming adversity makes one "tough," and I don't think any one nation has a corner on the market.

And there are so many kinds of "tough." There are, just to rattle off a few: mental, physical, emotional, intellectual, and many other kinds.

How would one define "toughness?" Is it only someone who is good at physical combat? Or is it more? For me, tough is as tough does.

Everywhere you look, life is tough for everyone, and the planet is full of heroes in their own way.

Interesting. Thanks.

yeah, it depends on how you define tough, right now I would say the Iraqis must be the toughest, how many of us could handle what they are going through?
How about living in Siberia? That has got to be tough.
American cowboys? Jesus christ man, thats deluded.

Any number of eastern European countries for pure strong durability i would say.

Russians, commie bastards that they were, showed amazing tenacity during wwII, then again so did the brits and the germans. Americans couldn't really compare, but that's only because we were never under attack, during the civil war the south fought almost to the last man. I guess any of those nations could be extremely tough under the right circumstances, except for france.
They're all tough,and taste like chicken.That's why I prefer beef
lol iraqis and i hav my personal reasons as to why...
if your name indicates you are Iranian, I guess you would have your own thoughts on that

But personally I have great respect for Iriaqis and the hell they are going through

American chickenhawks are the toughest. The way they sit in front of their TVs and computers, eating junk food, and cheering on the war in Iraq. Man, these guys are made of steel.
"there are still plenty of cowboys in the U.S."

That's the sad part (grown men pretending they are 19th century militias).

My guess is anywhere in Eastern-Southern Europe (ex: Poland, Russia, Balkans, Greece).

Those Africans live in a virtual hell on earth while the rest of the "civilized" world argue with each other about how much we hate each other. Genocide, AIDS, a general poor quality of life with no outlook for a better future anytime soon...and yet they go on. That's toughness.
The tinkers,boss!
i voted for afgans. they've outlasted lots of invaders.
people who live in more primtive conditions are tougher from the start cause the lots of the weak don't survive gestation or the first few years of life.
things in the mountains of afganistan have been the same for a thousand years. when we finally leave it will be the same as it ever was.

Female irish catholics :)
Eskimos are surely the toughest. The environment they live in and survive in can hardly be matched. Both their physical endurance and their mental capacity to do this surely makes them among the toughest of humans.
Us Ulster people we take no shit off anyone and we hate anyone who isn't us
Although yes the Brits and the Irish and others from lush(green) temperate countries are tough,
you guys get drenched with rainfall, water,
the substance of life, daily, weekly, plentifully.

Separating the wheat from the chaff are people living in conditions not condusive to life.

The Inuit live on ice and snow,
have never seen much greenery,
eat only meat,no veg,
how the fk do they DO it?

The Kahalari Bushman is another genetic survivalist,
eking out a living of sorts
from some of the planet's driest desert conditions.
THESE guys are the seriously tough nuts, IMO.

Didja see THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY? - super movie.

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