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Who do you think are the greatest authors of all time? Who has had the biggest impact on the world, who is your favorite.

Please list those people who you think are the greatest authors of all time.

William Shakespeare 259
Fyodor Dostoevsky 162
George Orwell 77
Charles Dickens 72
Leo Tolstoy 65
Stephen King 53
Ernest Hemingway 48
James Joyce 47
Mark Twain 37
Jane Austen 29
William Faulkner 28
J.K. Rowling 27
Edgar Allen Poe 26
F. Scott Fitzgerald 26
C.S. Lewis 25
Kurt Vonnegut 25
Oscar Wilde 21
Homer (Odyssey) 17
Hunter S. Thompson 16
Jack Kerouac 14
Albert Camus 13
Gabriel Garcia Marquez 13
H.G. Wells 12
Premchand (INDIA) 12
Proust 12
hermann hesse 12
Agatha Christie 10
J. K. Rowling 10
James Baldwin 9
Arthur Conan Doyle 9
Aldous Huxley 9
Jack London 9
Anton Chekhov 9
Jules Verne 8
Salman Rushdie 8
J.D. Salinger 8
Ray Bradbury 7
Graham Greene 7
Zane Grey 7
PG Wodehouse 7
Herman Melville 7
Joseph Conrad 6
Max Lucado 6
machado de assis 6
Douglas Adams 5
homer 5
chuck palahniuk 5
Truman Capote 4
Isaac Asimov 4
Bryce Courtney 4
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 4
William James 3
William Burroughs 3
Joseph Heller 3
Roger Zelazny 3
Charlotte Bronte 3
Harper Lee 3
Virginia Woolf 3
Henry Miller 3
Jonathon Swift 2
Edmund White 2
Arthur C. Clarke 2
Judy Blume 2
Paulo coelho 2
Christopher Isherwood 1
E.M. Forster 1
Wallace Stegner 1
Harlan Ellison 1
Flann O'Brien 1
J.G. Ballard 0
William Gibson 0
T.H. White 0

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Sorry about dumbing this list down a bit, but I had to lighten the load a bit.

My choice is doubled on here because I didn't see it come up and chose it again.
All Suckers... Imagine not considering J.R.R.Tolkien.

Tolkien is a great choice too.
Most of these choices adorn the books on the shelves we place in our homes to demonstrate that we are well read.

If you want to know what sort of books a person really likes, reach under his pillow.

I'm sorry, but I am at a loss. Why the hell are Stephen King and JK Rowling even on this list. Their both horrible authors.

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