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worst :
[+] ballot by mojo

not getting a joke 11
getting honked at 6
feeling urgent flatulence in a confined space 5
Never do 5
tripping over something in public (ever notice how people always look back?) 4
Returning cans for deposit 4
Seeing dirtbags driving expensive SUVs 4
putting something on inside-out 3
laughing inappropriately at something sick when there are others present 3
Realizing you've buttoned your shirt all wrong 3
Being judged as an ugly person by people I don't even know 3
noticing you've had something between your teeth all evening (when you've had guests) 2
accidentally bashing your leg / arm against a familiar piece of furniture 2
Falling downstairs in high heels 2
lobbing the trash into the bin and missing 0
noticing (after you've been gesturing wildly) that you are pitted-out 0

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and dropping your Starbucks Banana Creme Frappuccino.

Realising your trousers are unzipped after leaving a job interview...
I know, I know, this is environmentally right thing to do, but for some reason, whenever I carry a bag of empty cans into the store, I feel like everyone is thinking, "Look at that loser, he probably got those cans from the garbage"
mojo: What on earth is pitted-out? eek
by zig [+]

Winners make mistakes daily. They just laugh them off.
zig: wet armpit stains!!!
^ Quelle horreur. lol
by zig [+]

You only feel like a loser if you chose to feel that way.
Seeing all the expensive new SUVs on the highway being driven by foreigners and I'm sitting in a little old Pontiac. sad

On the upside, it's been paid off for seven years, still runs great and I can speak "English". MAG_rofl

This REAALY could have made me feel like a loser, but it didn't. It was FUNNY, only I couldn't laugh and here's why. The BIG hooha executive in our company came to visit our office. My boss asked me to show him how our new light-sensor hand sanitizer dispenser works. I asked the exec to watch me. I held my hand under the dispenser and waited for my dollop of gel. Only the nozzle was clogged and the gel shot right into his crotch. Couldn't have aimed better if I'd tried.

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