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result #96942 - HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU WANT?

[+] ballot by shazza

none! 25%
3 17%
4 17%
2 14%
10+ 10%
6 7%
8 7%
1 0%
5 0%
7 0%
9 0%

Ballot #96942: has 28 total votes.
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cheaper by the dozen.

by LCD [+]

8 is the perfect number.
^ You'd think that, wouldn't ya. Till you get to three and then you think, nah, that'll do!!
Did I get the question right?


Or are you giving kids away?

I got snipped after three.
My Angel does NOT belong on this hopeless pitiful retardo-planet.. lately I'm ashamed of being here myself :)
by Jyl [+]

i want 6!
Voted : 3
We wanted two but ended up with our little dude later down the road...then decided absolutly for sure that we wouldn't have any more because 3 is perfect

WOW i can't believe so many people want more than like...2! PPl think i'm nuts for having 3!

So did my husband Beez!

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