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[+] serious ballot by zorra

When faced with a choice between their own life and death, most people would choose life because they have a survival instinct. If you didn't have a survival instinct, would you still like life enough to continue living? Which would you choose, and why?

I would definitely choose to live
I would choose to die
I would choose to live but only because I'm already alive
I would choose to live but may change my mind later
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Submitted by : zorra
Submitted on : Dec 07,2006 9:57:24 pm
ballot title:

If you did not have a survival instinct, would you still choose to live?

ballot number:106528
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Voted : I would choose to live but only because I'm already alive
I'm horrified by the future but I would NOT hurt my family.
And my cats need me too.
And my squirrels.
And my flower beds.
And I have a couple of big trips planned, so .. :D
by Jyl [+]

Voted : I would definitely choose to live
Yes, no doubt. been dead, and I can tell you- the shuffleboard can only be fun for so long...
hey death is forever.

take full advantage of life, because you won't have it back again.

it's only 75 years for most of us. Before you know it, it will be over.
by LCD [+]

If I had no survival instinct I'd probably muddle through for a bit.
I would imagine without a survival instict, one would have little reason to get food, water, shelter, and other life needs. Without that survival instinct wouldn't we not care as much about living, thus live a lot shorter lives?

Without a survival instinct one might still want to get food, water, shelter, etc., if life is enjoyable. But if life isn't sufficiently enjoyable, and the benefits don't outweigh the effort, then one would care less and perhaps even choose to die.

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