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...suffer from Compulsive Sexual Disorder (CSD)? Also called, Sexual obsession, Hypersexuality, Nymphomania, Sexual addiction, Erotomania.

CSB is classified into two main categories paraphilic and non-paraphilic. With paraphilic CSB, sexual behavior is obsessive, compulsive and not conventional.
Non paraphilic behavior includes conventional behaviors that involve a number of sexual partners without any sense of love or intimacy. Other forms of non-paraphilic behavior include fixations on unattainable partners and compulsive searching for multiple partners.

Most professionals agree that the most effective treatment method today involves psychotherapy and prescription medications to regulate certain chemical levels in the brain.


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Submitted by : passiveson
Submitted on : Dec 23,2006 4:19:42 pm
ballot title:

What Percentage of People...

ballot number:110705
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There are two terms here meaning the same thing: CSD- Compulsive Sexual Disorder, and CSB- Compulsive Sexual Behavior.
Voted : 1%
That couldn't be too common
Voted : 18%
A lot
Though the Article on this determines a 3% figure, I'm inclined to think that a larger percentage has at least some degree of CSB, not as a disorder, but the behaviors.

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