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[+] serious ballot by minni_the_minx

I have tons of tadpoles hatching at the moment, ive taken a lot of them out of the pond so the fish cant eat them all, but im not sure what to feed them. This is my first encounter with these and im not sure what to give them and how long before they are big enough to go back in the pond safely, any help here would be greatly appreciated.

So what do I throw in the bucket for the little cuties to feed on?

Pond weed
Chopped greens and goldfish flakes
fish food
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Submitted by : minni_the_minx
Submitted on : Apr 07,2010 6:30:59 am
ballot title:

What do tadpoles eat?

ballot number:136793
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Voted : Chopped greens and goldfish flakes
It's great that you're asking the question because it's easy to accidentally kill tadpoles through lack of information.

My brother and I used to "rescue" them every spring, and through trial and error we became kid experts, releasing scores of baby frogs back into their natural habitat every year.

If you have "tons" it's really important to have several big jars or containers with no more than about ten to a dozen in each. Most importantly they need well oxygenated water, so be prepared to regularly collect water from the pond you found them in as they do best in that. Change the water every three days, and in between top off with freshly collected water. Tap water isn't recommended because of the chlorine deposits and other chemical additives, plus it lacks all of the yummy little micro-organisms which the tadpoles thrive on. If you must use water from the tap make sure you leave it outside to aerate in a wide-mouthed container for about 5 days so as not to poison them.

Food: Babies do really well on finely chopped lettuce (not Iceberg lettuce as that has next to zero nutritional value) or spinach leaves. Pond weed is good too, but make sure it comes from close to where you collected the tadpoles from. Feed them just a couple of pinches every two days and change or top up the water beforehand. When you see their back legs start to develop, introduce some goldfish flakes but continue feeding them chopped greens. They seem to love the fish food, but they also do well on tiny pieces of raw minced beef. Ham isn't so good because it's processed and usually contains harmful additives such as nitrates and preservatives.

Wheen their back legs have developed, it's really important to transfer them into broad shallow containers (washing up bowls or dishpans are ideal) and place a large rock in each so they can leave the water to breathe. If you raise them to this stage well done - you've ensured the survival of the froggy race in your area for another generation.

Sorry this was so long but I LOVE frogs, they rock. :)

They're ready to be released when they're mini frogs (or would that be Minni frogs? :)
Thanks for your help sweetpeach, ill follow the instuctions and keep you all posted on their progress, the pond is in my garden so I can keep them in the same water as when they were first laid, which is aerated with a pump constantly, hopefully I can take some pics as they grow and post them too, thanks again. xxx
Very cool that the mama frog chose your garden pond to lay her spawn in. There must be some good stuff in there. ;) Hope you do post pics from time to time, I'd love to see how they're doing. Will you be releasing them back into your pond or a local wild pond?
So You still going forward with the idea of the french restaurant then Minni? :-)))
I'll release them back into my pond, its quite large and only about 15 fish in it at the moment so plenty of food to go around, they will just find a place in the garden hopefully or a neigbours pond and garden :-)
LOL quirk, I couldnt be that mean :-(

Sounds like they'll have a good life regardless of those French restaurant rumors. ;)

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