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crime :
[+] ballot by RunsWithScissors

A guy I work with told me this happened to him when he was younger.

Fair punishment or not?

Not fair

Ballot #139049 :
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Submitted by : RunsWithScissors
Submitted on : Jan 06,2011 6:02:38 am
ballot title:

Three years in prison for selling 33 hits of acid to an undercover cop?

ballot number:139049
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Did this happen in loony California? :)
Voted : Not fair
In My opinion drugs should be legal.

Not because I want to take them but because I shouldn't be punished for wanting to.

It's funny how alcohol and tobacco (the two biggest killers) are perfectly legal wheras something like weed is not.

Queen Victoria is reputed to have used canabis for period pains but it wasn't illegal then. Most of the innovative writing done at the turn of the century poe verne etc was done on various opiates.

P K Dick and michael moorcock america and englands greatest fantasy writers both took copious amounts of drugs including lsd and cannabis.

Legislation on drugs is an infringement of civil liberty.

WHat I really don't understand is how americans assume they have more freedoms than others. This is simply not the truth.

I can go to the netherlands and smoke myself silly totally legally. I can go to marakesh and help myself to opiates. I can pick magic mushrooms in the uk and trip myself silly and not have broken the law.

but in america........

All these are punishable by prison.

Freedom? lol funny stuff

Hmmm... I'm beginning to think we've been had. Maybe we are brainwashed into thinking that our country has more freedoms than the rest of the world.

This so-called great country of ours can't even provide us with a decent health care package without breaking us financially. Our economy sucks big time.

Did you know that I busted earlier this year for possession of one joint and had to pay a $300 fine? That's f*cking stupid.

^busted last year, I meant.
I've been stopped in possession a few times. and of various substances and the worst I have ever got is a caution.
This is pretty much the norm in europe to be honest.

$300??? thats around 200 lol my mate was caught in possession of 9 ounces (which shrunk to 2 ounces by the time it got to court oddly enough) and got a 150 fine.

On the plus side, and on the subject of marijuana, possession of up to 1 ounce in California was just reduced to an infraction from a misdemeanor (up to $100 fine) -- the equivalent of a parking ticket. Of course that doesn't speak to the wildly inconsistent laws from state to state e.g. Florida, where 1 ounce is a felony, like murder, and punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. (Thank you, Controlled Substances Act of 1970.)
RWS, You need to move to BC.
Smoke in select cafes and you'll have no worries man (spoken in a Jamaican accent).

Voted : Not fair
by ABC [+]

ClosetIguana, really? you guys have places like that to smoke? Do you bring your own or buy it there?
When I got busted last year for smoking some primo weed in public, at the park, the cop told me that if I wanted to smoke in public, that I should move to California. I laughed at the cop when he said that!

When I went to court and was called before the judge, I was charged with drug abuse. Like I'm a heroin addict or something. Sheesh!

^yes. You can't buy it there but they have specially designed rooms for smoking. It's like Amsterdam where pot isn't legal but it's tolerated. Kinda like the speakeasys during prohibition.
Voted : Fair
If you're a mindless minion of the establishment. The war on drugs is no different then any other machinized propaganda being pushed on the masses. People believe what good ol' Uncle Sam says, rally behind, and overlook the 'petty' minor rights abuses because they know no better.

Educate them!!

I feel a road trip coming on~Should I take I-5 or go up 101?
I-5 is probably more scenic
Voted : Fair
He knew what he was doing was illegal. He made a choice to break the law and lost and was subject to
the consequences.

As a drug user and purchaser he has Blood On His Hands.

He is funding the Drug Cartels, Mafia and Terrorist who are responsible for hundreds of murders, bombings, rampant crime and corruption which undermines democracy.

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