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[+] ballot by RunsWithScissors

This one has probably been done, but let's do it again.

Rosa Parks
Jesse Owens
George Patton
Harriet Tubman
Davy Crockett
George Washington
Jackie Robinson
Martin Luther King Jr.
Steve Jobs
John F. Kennedy
Lt.Col. Matt Urban of Buffalo NY, later Port Huron, MI
Ronald Reagan
Michael Jackson
Homer Simpson
Winston Churchill
Martin Luther King
Neil Armstrong
Ronald McDonald
Linda Lovelace
Hugh Hefner
Buffalo Bill Cody
John Hinckley Jr.
Larry Flynt
Jane Fonda
Oliver North
Charles Lindbergh
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Submitted by : RunsWithScissors
Submitted on : Apr 25,2012 4:13:50 am
ballot title:

Famous American Heroes?

ballot number:140145
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Voted : Lt.Col. Matt Urban of Buffalo NY, later Port Huron, MI
most decorated of WWII. Wasn't recognized as such until the Carter Administration.
link I hope this shows the Lt. Col. I'm still rusty at this particular process.
Why would anyone think of Jane Fonda as a hero? She's a traitor to our country and should've been hung. Better yet, how about deported to North Korea?
I meant Vietnam Nam.
Lindhenberg is a American Aviator Pilot who Modernized Americas Air force and her planes. He also ran for preisident and was a wealthy buisnessman.

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