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[+] ballot by khrista-usa

If you need an explaination for this question, go shoot yourself, lol. JK

Air Force
Coast Guard
Marine Corps
I like them all
They all suck
No opinion
State Militia
Gay Parade
The Reserves of all Brances
Salvation army SASF ( Special forces )
Australian SAS
British SAS
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Submitted by : khrista-usa
Submitted on : Jan 24,2004 1:19:03 pm
ballot title:

Which military branch is better? Why?

ballot number:14745
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Navy because I'm in it hehehe. But I respect all my fellow military members. Except the Air Force and Coasties. (Just kidding.)
If you think they all suck, please elaborate, express your views!
the navy boys are a bunch of wimps who don't actually fight
Um, ever hear of the SEALS buddy?
AMY! More black men-bigger cocks in the showers. NICE cum loads in the barracks.
AMY isn't a branch. Check your spelling before you make an already idiotic comment look more ridiculous.
Let's not forget, the navy has an airforce(Naval aviation) and army(marines) and special forces(SEALs) plus their ships
Communications. Jimmys Rule!!!
Definitely the Reserves. The main branches of the military all serve a purpose and are training constantly to fulfill that purpose, but the reserves are truelly weekend warriors, because they don't train enough.
Australian SAS bceause Australia has a small shit army, with most of the budget going to our elite SAS, Also Former US Colonel Hunt has said " The Australian SAS is the best of the best, we could learn from these guys" after the current war in Iraq
Define better: The best to be in? US Air Force, easier jobs, relaxed atmosphere, smaller force that is better maintained at all levels.
Depends on what you wanna do. I love the Amry, but I'd love to be a Marine too. All have their bragging point that they can boast, but I love the Amry because it's the most recognized.

People in the Military are saving our lives right now in Iraq. They are doing what most of us are to afraid of doing. They are risking there lives for their country. Sometimes war is the only way to get through to some people. I cannot believe you would say something so ridiculously wrong. Its easy saying that from the comfort of your own home. But are you patriotic enough to give your life for your country? Obviously not. With that additude you, Guest_7333f will be the one going to hell! God Bless our Troops!!!
Sorry maybe the Marines land before the sailors, but I do believe the first to be in a hostile area that's not being attacked on massive fronts, would be US Army Airborne (82nd Airborne Division) or US Army Air Assault (101st Airborne Air Assualt Screaming Eagles). You can't argue Marines or Army being better really. Both get the job done on the ground. Our Navy is alone at world class. Our Air Force is second to none either.

Hey medic101, you in 1st CAV? Get your asses up and running so I can leave. Just kidding, lol. I'm in 1st Armored Division and I love it when I see more and more 1 CAV patches out here. Good luck if you have to come out here! Peace! Kyle
Guest_622a6, yes the Air Force does have expensive equipment and the security that comes with such, but you are so wrong in all other points. The Air Force has the least dangerous job, least number of personnel in Iraq, and Bush landed at (BIAP) Baghdad International Airport, where I am at, which is ran by 1st Armored Division of the US Army. Baghdad is ran by the 1st AD and BIAP is it's headquarters. The Air Force doesn't run BIAP and most of the aircrafts here are rotary wing and all belong to the 1st Cavalry Regiment of the 1st Armored Division. 1st Calvary Division of the US Army is also at BIAP and getting ready to take control from 1st Armored Division. The majority of air support from the Air Force in Iraq flies in from Turkey, Saudi, or Qatar. The Air Force personnel at BIAP only worry with their aircraft, not patrolling streets or convoying. Thanks for the compliments on our US Army security at Baghdad International Airport though.
Air Force---not even close. You know why? Air Force handles UFO's. That means Air Force has first dubs on sexy alien women.
The Navy has the highest standards (ASVAB).
thc2883 is wrong. The Air Force has the highest standard per the ASVAB. Anyway, ASVAB is an awful test. I was an F-15 mechanic because I scored high on the mechanical portion of the test but I wasnt a good mechanic, the best mechanic in our shop scored as low as you could. And the guy in our shop that scored a 98 on the test was HORRRIBLE at everything.
As for which branch is best.
Best pay would probably be Army since they seem to get promoted quickly. The Air Force promotions are SLLLLOOOOWWW.
Best chance to see the world, probably the Navy unless you end up on land.
I dont know what could be best about being a Marine other then to look sharp and be proud that you are "A MARINE"
Overall I would chose the Air Force (yeah I'm biased) but I was treated well, I was on a first name basis with everyone I worked with, even some of the officers.

All of us military or prior military like to rib each other about what branch of service is best. I think that in reality, we all know that it takes all branches, working as a team, to complete the mission. This is why the US has the strongest, most successful, and most well rounded military force on earth. It's kind of the same way that we argue about north or south, which sports team is best, white or black, country or city...but when it comes down to it..we will stick together against a common enemy and that, folks, is the Patriotism that others seem to despise us for. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
Its the Army....but im biased!
Marines No dispute
Semper Fidelis
British SAS and SBS cos if you look at the actual training and combat records of all the worlds elite...they come out with better military succeses, tougher training and the SAS were the only guys Sadam said he FEARED ABOVE ALL

Wow, dccruzer5 lives in a dream world. South Africa, Israel and Britain are the best. Obvious to any honest researcher.
The Air force is Gay all you do is sit on your ass if your enlisted

Let us work together on this mission.

Base pay should be equal across all branches.

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