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[+] ballot by Hotlover

I am Living Proof that Being Gay is a choice & I am not Alone. Just wondering how many ppl have bought into the Big Lie, that it is not a choice.

Yes, it is a choice!
No, I dont belive it.
It's not a choice, you ignorant jesus-freak.
Their all going to hell one way or another!
all gays need to get aids and die
Being straight is a choice.
No, they are being controlled by Allah, the Moon god.
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Submitted by : Hotlover
Submitted on : Nov 11,2003 12:19:59 am
ballot title:

With all the Physcial Proof That Being Gay is a Choice, Do You Agree That It Is A Choice?

ballot number:4896
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NO! It is NOT a choice. When you reached puberty, did YOU make a choice to be heterosexual? NO! Well with Gay people when they reach puberty, they notice they're NOT attracted to the opposite sex. Now you tell me what 12 or 13 year old kid makes a CONSCIENCE decision to be Gay? They don't CHOOSE to be that way, they are born that way. They CAN'T help it. Homosexuals have been around since the beginning of time. Being Gay is NOT something NEW. They are NOT going to go away EVER! They should be treated with the SAME understanding as ANYBODY that is born different in some way. Show some compassion to these people. They can help being the way they are no more than you can.
Ok tell me what age you were and where and when did you DECIDE to be straight? You didn't chose to be straight if you NEVER had any homosexual desires! You are really lame. You answer is based on YOUR personal belief NOT science or recorded evidence. I can't believe how ignorant some people are.
Look you guys. I already know you are stupid. You have to prove you have a low IQ.
How are you "living proof" that homosexuality is a choice, out of curiosity?
Homosexuality is not down to choice...there is quite alot of theory into the fact that homosexuality is a biological occurence...there have been studied into slight differences between homosexual and heterosexual brains, also a very recent study is that many gay men suffer from classical female psychological problems i.e. depression, anorexia nervosa etc...and lesbians woman are more likely to suffer from more male psychological problems...i.e. shit I can't remember the may have been something to do with anger? Anyway, I don't believe it is a choice, it is something you are born as.
I do not have any hang ups. Also that stuff about the brain, is a Lie too. You also do not know my whole Life Story. Also what does the F slanf mean? I Mean, it does not mean sex & that is a fact. Say what you will, but it is a choice & we who chose not to be gay, wont go way. I have seen many men who talked about how they over came being gay. Just saying that I am not proof that it is not a choice, will not make it ture. I am not gay by choice & if you cant handle that, than that is your problem & not mine. I was in my early teens when I chose not to give into those feelings & I had feelings towards my same sex since I was a little girl, i did not came to understand it all, untill i was older & relized that I was feeling gay feelings,& since I did not want to be gay, I chose not to give into them. & I did not give into them at all.

People call & will call ppl like me names & say mean things about too, but it will not change the FACT that I & others LIKE ME cHOSE NOT TO BE GAY!!!!! There are others who did give into it & left it much later in theirs Lives.

Like I said, calling me names & a claiming that I am full of it, will not make it untrue. I never said that I hated Gays, nor have I ever called them names, but it sure is something how ppl will call us names just because they cant handle the Truth.

There sure are a lot of STRIGHTOPHOPICS out!!!!

I don't know - I used to be indecisive but know I can't make up my mind.
Hey all, just because Por - Gay ppl are calling & bad mouthing those of us who are not names, does not mean that it is ok to for you to do the same about them. Please do not do the Double Stander that they do. Calling gay ppl names is wrong & saying mean things such as ... gays should die & so forth, is not ok with me. True gay ppl do do this, but you dont have to. So please stop calling gay ppl mean names, because when you do & when you wish htem bad things to happen to them, than you are no better than they are. I just checked in to see how things are going & I do not like what I have seen - so far, at all.
and a great choice it is.
That's a totally illogical analogy. Before you ate the cheeseburger, you saw one on a poster or something and found that you were salivating, didn't you?
And no, I don't agree with paedophilia. If people are attracted to children they shouldn't act on it. Children are not designed for sexual relationships, nor are they ready for them. Paedophiles should keep their feelings to themselves and try and find themselves a girl/boyfriend their own age.
I fancied girls a long time before I kissed one. If sexuality is based on a sexual relationship, that must mean that no straight people are straight until they have sex with somebody of the opposite sex.

Sorry for the double posting... Because a child cannot possibly be ready for sex emotionally, they must have been forced into it if they have sex with an older person. Therefore this is rape, and this is what the people are doing wrong. If they have desires but choose not to act on them, then I don't think they deserve contempt or hatred.
It sounds like youre actually making a choice to not be regarded as 'wrong' or shunned by society, and by saying that youre not gay by choice, is SURELY denying who you are as a human being! The whole reason we have feelings and thoughts is to enable us to develop our own personalities, (amongst millions of other things), and to develop relationships. If you deny that you are gay, when YOU KNOW you have feelings for the same sex, you are denying who you are, and giving into society and its ideologies and conventions. Stop acting and be who you really are and stop lying to yourself.
This is what I believe:::
It is a choice and it is not a choice. Gayness sets in before the age of 5 as a conscious though primitive response to:
>Rejection or abuse from the parent of the opposite gender;
>Repulsive or unacceptable behavior by a parent of the opposite gender;
>Sexual advances by a same sex adult.
I believe gayness is a survival mechanism.

This is all IMO, of course.

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