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Great Britain
It is Norway
new zealand
Saudi Arabia
any country Bush and Mitt Romney hasn't ruined
heavenly MALAYSIA
United States
United States of America
United Shits of Assholes
Any Country that has no Americans in it.
the Confederacy
Anywhere with constant 21C and no biting things
hands down it's AUStralia
The world after the socialist revolution
Kenny Rogers butt
Up Rossanne's ass
United Confederacy of Federalistic Republics
Isle Of Yew
scotland everywhere else is shit
Marlboro Country
The Socialist Peoples Republic of Yorkshire
USA - NeverLand Valley Ranch with Pure MJackson
siant cloud florida (alot of hot guys)
Puerto Rico

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Submitted by : StormTrooper
Submitted on : Dec 24,2003 3:25:55 pm
ballot title:

Which Is The Best Country To Live In?

ballot number:9810
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Anywhere that isn't America!
lol who killed this ballot by adding USA after America =S
And.. Shut Up.. Canada Rocks!
I Say We Ask The Creator Of This Site To Remove USA And America From This List
I would think it's gotta be one of Scandinavian countries
USA baby!!
I like my space.I like huge country.So my answer is U.S or Australia.Canada is too cold.
happy face hear,i realy think it will be cool if we coul live in mars p.s.i'm not insane.... i'm happy face
bull shit America is RICHER then canada with better house developments
and we live better then you canadians so shove eahhh right back up your ass.

Fuck canada, fuck canada,fuck canada, la la fuck canada watch south park canadians in it have one road and their heads come in half when they talk.
All you Jerks bashing America just proved America is the best country. This poll asked which is the best country to live in, yet all of you commented about America instead of your oen country. Could this be because deep down you all know America is the greatest country this world has ever seen??
Australia is a country, Guest_c6b81. The ISLAND of Australia in a continent.
Anywhere that people keep an open mind, i'll try the moon
I don't know, haven't tried them all yet!
Canada Kicks Ass! America is for gun fuckers!
i`am canadian and have been to the usa and britain,nuff said.
Oh and btw WW II probably would have still been won if you Americans stayed out of it. All you did was sped the outcome up. The Nazis were already being pushed back when you joined the war. Go read up on world history."

Is was the Americans who landed on the two largest strecthes of beach on Normandy. Also, did any Candians fight against the Japanese?

True, you would have won eventually - only because Russia was on your side. Russia had the manpower, and material provided by the U.S. Canadia, however, could have been neutral and still the war would have been won by the allies still. But you helped the outcome, just like America did.

So, why don't you base your next responses on historical fact instead of biased opinions?
by Rodi on Jan 13, 2004

history??? yeah canada did fight the japs at hong kong and canada had juno beach in france...the only troops to take all of thier objectives.

canada did fight the japs at hong kong,as well we had our own beach during dday,juno.and were the only troops to take all of thier objectives.canadian soldiers as with the first war are concidered the allies best.
i heard that people eat lamb,its really true???
go uk, dont become a state of america
Im going Canada here, free health care, you arent conscripted into the military, high mixture of culture groups and yadda yadda yadda
We international people don't have a problem with distinguishing between them. I think it's just a national problem.
How did Australia go from very few votes to being in the lead in only a few days? Goddamn Aussies are spamming this ballot!

Aussies suck!

I figured as much. Good job though, really. It worked.
...the only problem is Canada will catch back up soon. :)
I, along with the United Nations several times, voted Canada as the best country to live in. And as for the people who say "Canada is frezing"... it's not like you cross the border of the US and ontario becomes magically cold.. and NOT all of us live in igloos for those dumb people out there
"And as for the people who say "Canada is frezing"... it's not like you cross the border of the US and ontario becomes magically cold.. and NOT all of us live in igloos for those dumb people out there "

I live in Edmonton, Alberta and it has rained here and been warmer than the eastern half of the United States for the past 2 weeks. We're at the same longtitude as the European countries many of us came from. And no one lives in igloos anymore. They are used for temporary hunting spots for the Inuit up north who still practice their traditional culture. When not hunting they live in houses like the rest of us.

iv been to many countries and the U.S. (unfortunately) is the best, ... who the hell said america.... fuckin "america" isnt a country you retards
CaNaDa all the way!!! o Canada, our home and native land....
U.S or canada
no need to argue,turkey is the best and all others sucks except UK azerbaijan and USA
That American is such an asshole, Australians have a better way of life because we have the world's most liveable city-Melbourne

In the USA theres homeless people eveywhere and the major cities are full of slums! Not in Australia...

12% of american live in poverty and 5% of aussies live in poverty

We also have hardly any crime,Better tasting water,PAL tv not crappy NSTC tv,better roads,better infrastructure all toghether!,Free health insurance,the metric system and money that comes in different colours and is harder to rip.

Face it American,most people voted Australia and secondly Canada because they are the world's most liveable countries! And were not toothless hillbillies in trailers either
Americans don't have much freedom,Because Bush Brainwashes Everyone with toothpaste,If you speak out and say bush is a wanker (which he is) everyone call you a traitor and burns you while your tied around a pole.
Isn't it kinda amusing that Israel is the only one with doubts?

Damn Anti-semites

Isn't it kinda amusing that Israel is the only one with doubt?

Damn Anti-semites

TAteeyler , It's Per Capita you dumbass,Why are americans so dumb?
Australia is the most rated for country,we win,were better than all of you and I would just like to rub it in a bit more by saying we have a better quality of life than you
lets face it..its gotta be the usa,i mean fatties and inbreads are such an easy lay,hey,it beats wanking...usa! usa! usa!!
they even play the banjo when yer shaggin ,em
If you think GDP is what makes a country better to live in, you're sadly mistaken.
"Someone pointed out that America is not ******` America...Great now I have to change all my history books. "

The United States is not America. It is the United States OF America. America refers to both North America and South America. And while you're changing your history books, you can also change your references to Indians because Indians live in India.

Someone pointed out that America is not ******` America...Great now I have to change all my history books. " The United States is not America. It is the United States OF America. America refers to both North America and South America. And while you're changing your history books, you can also change your references to Indians because Indians live in India.
by Jigsaw on Jan 27, 2004
i think that is being done,here in canada,indians are known as first nations,get over the america thing

You guys cheated you put USA down as like five diffrent things such as USA, AMERICA, UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and theres only 1 CANADA oh and for u snobby canadians, i dunno whats up with you and if it werent for america, god knows what the world would be like take WW2 for example great britan was all that stood between the Nazis and all of Europe Canada would have been next hell, they didnt even fight and americas so great because ANYONE can become anything within reason thats how free we are so all you other countries dont know wut ur talkin about


hey....and for you that dont think that america saved ww2 what position was europe in? the french sissys couldnt fight, the other countries too small to help! only great britan could stand up and for those that think of the usa as sissys when it comes to war pearl harbor was no sissy thing neither was d-day i would like to see you walk across a beach while being shot at by machine guns and artilery those are brave soldiers and only america and britan produces men like that! where are the canadian heros? hiding under there beds, instead of inlisting like the brave american FUCK YOU PEOPLE THAT THINK AMERICA SUKS!!
next time this question is asked, a specification should be made that you cant vote for your own country.
Germany is a beautiful country with wonderful sweet people, I'd live there anyday.
Even though there dumber then aussies and fatter then aussies i still love nyc
hmm America has more people because australia has a higher perecntage of desert land then us hmm american are richer because they dont have unemployment benefits and couldnt give a damn about homeless aussie aussie oi oi we care about unemplyment thats why we have less percentage then you arrogant americans we have hot girls cool beaches smarter politicins u yanks steal everything of japs
BEING AN AMERICAN-Born and bred. and Living 14 years in CANADA. I now live in ENGLAND. Well it is is Official..

CANADA RULES!!! The USA and ENGLAND can't hold a candle to Canda. Cleaner, nicer people, EVERYONE has healthcare (Unlike the USA) Canadadian's don't blow each other away with gun's all the time, good wages, nice houses, and cars and standard of living.. better social saftey net.. suck it up America..

from an American.. and yes I am proud to be American still.. just honest.

netherlands. what a cool place, nice people man. after 1 year here it's home. don't think i'll ever leave. holland
take the usa out of the ballot box. who in there right mind would live in the usa.
There is no such thing as the worlds greatest country IMO, but after travelling around the planet, USA is my favorite. Followed by Any Asian Country.

Say no to John Fucking Kerry
by mbh [+]

Anywhere that doesnt end in "bama"
Ummm, excuse me, I'm from Toronto myself and hardly ANYBODY speaks French unless you're in Quebec. Just exactly how did you tell that Torontorians were contemplating which language to speak? - by their facial expression? LOL!

And how come Toronto has the most diverse population in the World? Yes, it is more mixed than London is. Plus, America does have many ethnics too, BUT! - in America, much of the cultures are segregated from eachother. In America, you have blacks on one side and white on the other - but in Canada, it's all mixed neighborhoods. People are happy to bond together. Canada is the country for people from all walks of life to live together harmoniously.

CANADA OWNS - end of story.

What morons..It's a known fact that people always Bash what is number 1. I do not see anyone bashing Iceland or Greenland..But then again Iceland should be called Greenland because its green and Greenland should be called Iceland because its full of ice.. What a crazy mixed up world we live in..
How many more times do I have to say it:

Now canada startin to piss me off to
they fuckin yap too goddamn much

The USA and UK
Canada of course, as someone who rarely baths, eat road kill, bash baby seals where they lay, screw loose moose, and live amongst the swamps, I have to say Canada is for lovers.
I don't know i've only lived in one country
Thailand the best
fuck those goddamn dirty jews, i hurt everyday that they are not all dead

Y'all isn't a word. And Canada owns your ass.
To guest Guest_8725f,I hate to break it to you but white people in Australia will never be a minority,because 92% of people there are white! aborignes make up 1% of the population and noone likes them because 1. because one aborignal boy was killed they injure 50 policeman and burn a railway station in a massive riot in inner sydney 2. they are ugly and talk like old people 3. they never have jobs but think they should be given everything
Who cares who's a minority and who's not. I wish people would think more like me and just consider all people to be people and not have to divide and segregate everyone just because they look different. What's the point?
...and 'white' is a color too. I still have yet to see a completely white person with no skin pigmentation.
Do not hate thy neighbors. The best country to live is the God's country. You ape shits will never see it.
Our dollar is doijg very well as a matter of fact, it increased 23% in 2002 and even more in 2003 (statistics haven't been released yet). It is cheaper to buy things here than to buy things in the US because of it. And devil worshippers? Dude, you're a nutcase.
"Canadians don't make more money than the average American. What propoganda bullshit have you been reading?"

I've been reading the CIA World Factbook that is online for all to see. I calculated a 23% increase of the dollar last year and did the math myself. Look up the factbook on a search engine and do the math yourself.

"Our dollar is doijg very well as a matter of fact, it increased 23% in 2002 and even more in 2003 (statistics haven't been released yet)."

Actually, the 23% increase was last year, I made a mistake.

Canada? Yeah sure, maybe if I want to live in a socialistic state run by a bunch of jealous hate mongers.
USA is the best and your jealousy proves it ;).
"Canada? Yeah sure, maybe if I want to live in a socialistic state run by a bunch of jealous hate mongers."

Yeah so we are a bit more left winged than you. We end up with less poverty and universal health care because of it. Do you even understand what a socialist program is?

"USA is the best and your jealousy proves it ;)."

Please my fine American, fill me in on what I am jealous of because I can't think of a single thing.

"Id rather be a canadian you might not have the most powerful country but atleast i wont die if i visit another."

What would a powerful military do for me personally? Absolutely nothing.

The U.S. is a FAKE piece of SHIT
It is all a crock of shit--one giant media stunt for the world to see--a soap opera for the bored

Canada is still a buncha moosefuckers

Fuckin jews

*Also we hardley do anything in toher countries americans get rocks thrown at them and yelled at.Id rather be a canadian you might not have the most powerful country but atleast i wont die if i visit another*

1)Your spelling is awful
2)People from other countries are generally pretty facinated by Americans (maybe not Europeans, but in other parts of the world)

*I liked canada better they were more friendly.*

Canadians? Friendly!? Who knew?

damn I just spelled "fascinated" wrong
It's ridiculous to slate the whole of the USA. It's like a continent in itself. How much does Cambridge, MA have in common with, say, a small town in Oklahoma? Far less than two settlements in a smaller country. Like the comment about it all being "fake"; that's clearly garbage. Manhattan is one of the most vibrant and beautiful places on Earth. Downtown Chicago is awesome. Seattle is great. New Orleans, Vegas, Denver...Take the blinkers off; the States is a fascinating mixture of different worlds.
"If anything britain owes America and Australia and all the other countries that helped in world war 2."

I regularly get the feeling that people don't realise that Britain entered WWII VOLUNTARILY. It could have stayed out; Hitler wasn't threatening the UK. It put itself in harm's way to stop the spread of fascism after it became clear that Chamberlain's misguided attempts at diplomacy had failed. The UK did need help, but only after it had gotten involved by trying to stand up to a bully who was more powerful militarily. Would the USA have entered WWII voluntarily when (a) it could have stayed out and (b) by entering there was a serious risk of being invaded? Answer that before you talk smugly of Britain needing to be bailed out.

Being born here in Canada. Lived in USA for 16 years. My god, am I so embarassed to learn the ways of being an American? Being back here for 4 years now, Canada has won me back. I see more personal freedom and happiest here! Smart, funny and peace-ful people here! Thank goodness we said NO to War! Americans are raised to be marched into the Army, Navy, whatever it is to be in a war! Movies are full of violence. Always displaying violence! Try for a 2 year old boy who tried to bury his gun in a sandbox in Washington State on intention! My god, what 2 years old?? Fuck me! Thank goodness Canada has gun law control, and think about it America! We are maybe just besides you - big difference! Problem, racist, war, bombs all in America! Canada as one example have not experienced any of these on a large scale to date! Living in Europe for 6 months - I realized it was America that has problems! So yeah - anywhere but USA! My own personal living experience speaks for itself.
"cdnintlboy, if you really were born in the US. WHY DO YOU SPEAK IN BROKEN ENGLISH? Got yah!You thirdworld immigrant canuck."

Your comment isn't gramatically perfect either.

India is not better than any other offence but it's got a very low standard of living
I hate it when people call it "America". It's the United States, or the USA. America can mean any part of the western hemisphere. (North America, South America)
Guest 4f39b - Your list is a little out dated Here is the 2003 edition

1. Norway
2. Iceland
3. Sweden
4. Australia
5. Netherlands
6. Belgium
7. USA
8. Canada
9. Japan
10. Switzerland
11. Denmark
12. Ireland
13. UK
14. Finland
15. Luxembourg
16. Austria
17. France
18. Germany
19. Spain
20. NZ
21. Italy
22. Israel
23. Portugal
24. Greece
25. Cyprus

It's nice that the US is rated quite high, but I still think the UN is a sham.

Anonymous you're from Alberta. Your facts are true but that's about it.
Sexiest People
Free Healthcare
Better Quality Of Life
Did i mention hott?

Guest_42646, Guest_e2712 & Anonymous are the SAME PERSON. Check the ISP numbers. That is so pathetic. Oh yeah, and leave Australia alone.
I'm from Alberta too and I agree with what you say but your excuses are really lame.
Anonymous: Rich has nothing to do with anything. Living in the same country as rich people doesn't make your life any better than living somewhere else. It's all about how the average person lives and how their quality of life is.

And I agree, life here in Alberta is great. I just landed a job yesterday (I'll have to move to Lloydminster from Edmonton but that's okay) that pays well into the 6-digits. There are lots of jobs and lots of opportunities here. That's why everyone is moving here.

worn torn iraq it has low rent housing
Love us or hate us...regardless of politics, America will always be the best place to live..we have more choices, we speak our minds, we have a better justice system, more religious rights, and more opportunities than any place in the world. The problem is, people in other countries don't like it because we have what they don't have.The only people from other countries that don't seem to hate us are the ones who have moved here to join us.
i hate america hurry up and die bastards you all fiddle baby turtles go rape pillows janche janche janche
whoever voted canada either never lived in canada or never left canada. it is a dump. check out
USA Would Be Second On This List So Far It Would Be 510 Vote's, Australia Is Overrated People Have This Obsession Over It Yet Most Only Hear About The Good Thing's About It,Its's Not All Sweet Behind The Scene's Trust Me I Know There Is Still A Big Racial Problem.They Discriminate By Race,Skin Color,Caste,Nationality,Ethnicity, Religion, Regionality If There Are Any Other Ways To Divide People That I Canít Remember Now,They Probably Do That Too.
You Guy's Who Think The Aussie's Shit Don't Stink And Think There Jesus Christ Please Look At This Site FFS Too Answer The Poofter Who Said The USA Is In Poverty Please Get A life Your Country Is Like 23,000,000 People Yet The USA is Going On Too Hath A Billion BIG DIFFERENCE ASSHOLE And The USA Has 3 Million In Poverty Yet Australia Has 2.2 PLUS IN POVERTY GET A BRAIN YOU FUCKEN INBREDED CONVICT FUCKWIT.

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