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[+] ballot by thesoothsayer

Okay, what's your favorite song with the word dance in the title ? (or any derivative of that word) Come on and "shake yo bootie"...

Let's dance ~ David Bowie
Dancing On The Ceiling ~ Lionel Ritchie
I wanna dance with somebody ~ Whitney Houston
I'm never gonna dance again ~ George Michael
Dancin' Machine
Dancing Machine ~ The Jackson 5
Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) - Abba
Dance Around the Maypole - The Acid Gallery
Dance Away - Roxy Music
Dance The Night Away - Cream
Dancin' Fool - Frank Zappa
Dancing Barefoot - Patti Smith
Dancing Queen - ABBA
Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol
Dancing With The Moonlight Night
Dance, Dance Dance - Chic
You should be dancing - Bee Gees
Dance the Night Away- Van Halen
Dance With Me - Orleans
Dance Me To The End of Love - L Cohen
Mary Jane's Last Dance - T Petty & Heartbreakers
Moondance by Van Morrison
Save the last dance for me ~ Jerry Lee Lewis
Dance to the Music ~Sly and the Family Stone
I Dont Fell Like Dancin-Scissor Sisters
you make me feel like dancin'- Leo Sayer
save the last dance for me - Michael Buble
i hope you dacne
She Wants to Dance With Me - Rick Astley
Dance Dance-Fallout boy
rhythm is a dancer
come in the title
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Submitted by : thesoothsayer
Submitted on : Oct 26,2006 1:04:56 am
ballot title:

The Best Songs With The Word Dance In The Name:

ballot number:104129
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(thanx to RunsWithScissors for the idea)
Great ballot and I like your dancers! MAG_rofl
Voted : Tiny Dancer - Elton John
I like that song :)

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