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[+] ballot by Kit_Kat

What is your opinion on beards? Men and women are free to answer.

I've got a beard because I'm too lazy to shave every day.
Can't trust a person with a beard
Beards are cool
Beards are nasty
I have a beard because it's really cold here and I work outside
Beards are weird
Beards don't look good on most people
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Submitted by : Kit_Kat
Submitted on : Dec 05,2006 7:36:01 am
ballot title:

Growing a beard ....

ballot number:106390
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I like beards, most of my partners have had them (and long hair.
My grandparents always said that they didn't trust a person with a beard. They said that a beard is used to disguise one's face.
Repulsive drool/snot catchers
I looked up at her from between her thighs, she stared down at me and said 'you know, you wouldn't suit a beard'
by IC [+]

When he died in 1927, the beard of Hans Langseth of Norway, was measured at 17 1/2 feet. Hans Langseth's beard can now be seen at the Smithsonian Institution.

Currently the longest beard belonging to a living person is that of Shamsher Singh of India. His beard last measured in at 6 feet. He still has a ways to go.

Voted : comment
I always thought beards were a turn-off, but two of the best kissers I EVER met had beards. So I take it on a case-by-case basis.
Voted : Beards are cool
I've had fur on my chin for years.
Voted : Beards are cool

His is beautiful !

Voted : Beards are nasty
Itches like a uk! I can't stand going more than three days without a shave.

And those "backstreet boy" nutdusters look just plain ridiculous.

Voted : Beards are nasty
I don't like them. Tried to grow one once, and it came out almost *blond*. Now, the hair grows at a more normal color for me, but I've got missing patches all over my face. Would look horrific.

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