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Which previous President would you like to see in office now?

George Washington
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Dwight D Eisenhower
Abraham Lincoln
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
John F. Kennedey
Teddy Roosevelt
Barack H. Obama II
Harry Truman
Goerge W Bush
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Submitted by : RunsWithScissors
Submitted on : Dec 27,2006 5:55:52 pm
ballot title:

Who Was the Best President the United States Ever Had?

ballot number:110825
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Voted : Franklin Delano Roosevelt
The guy who saved the country from fascism, communism and led the country to victory in World War 2. Had he not been president, the US would have likely become socialist/communist or forever wallowed in depression. His foresight and understanding of the world threats posed by Germany and Japan enabled the US to be somewhat ready at least for the war and to provide its allies (notably Great Britain) with military weapons.
Voted : Dwight D Eisenhower
Try to think of one world crisis that occurred on his watch. I dare you.
Voted : Abraham Lincoln
For his elequent belief in democracy and his skill in dealing with America's largest crisis in history.
Voted : Franklin Delano Roosevelt
FDR... social security, Tennessee Valley Authority, New Deal, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Lend-lease program, his government work programs resulted in the building of more than 125,000 public buildings, 75,000 bridges, 8,000 parks, 800 airports, and more than 650,000 miles of roads and of course his leadership in the prelude to and during World War 2. Kind of hard to beat. The country would be a lot different had he not been president.
Voted : George Washington
He tried to set the bar.
Voted : Abraham Lincoln
He was a reconciler between the Northern and Southern States.
Voted : Jefferson
My favorite is Jefferson. Recent presidents suck.

You should read up on Fascism and Corporatism.

Voted : Abraham Lincoln
He stuffed it to the conservative Southern slave owners. These days, the Bush Plantation has to hire illegals from Mexico to pick their cotton and raise their kids.
Voted : Teddy Roosevelt
Voted : Teddy Roosevelt
The last good Republican.
Voted : Bill Clinton
It was never boring...and nobody died when he lied...
Obviously it's George Washington!

He set the standard for all future Presidents while sheparding our country into a functioning democracy during its infancy.

vincent foster died when he lied.

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