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[+] serious ballot by herzog

from an unexpected source:

Are the American people ready for an elected president who was educated in a Madrassa as a young boy and has not been forthcoming about his Muslim heritage?

This is the question Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s camp is asking about Sen. Barack Obama.

An investigation of Mr. Obama by political opponents within the Democratic Party has discovered that Mr. Obama was raised as a Muslim by his stepfather in Indonesia. Sources close to the background check, which has not yet been released, said Mr. Obama, 45, spent at least four years in a so-called Madrassa, or Muslim seminary, in Indonesia.

"He was a Muslim, but he concealed it," the source said. "His opponents within the Democrats hope this will become a major issue in the campaign."

When contacted by Insight, Mr. Obama’s press secretary said he would consult with “his boss” and call back. He did not.

Sources said the background check, conducted by researchers connected to Senator Clinton, disclosed details of Mr. Obama's Muslim past. The sources said the Clinton camp concluded the Illinois Democrat concealed his prior Muslim faith and education.

"The background investigation will provide major ammunition to his opponents," the source said. "The idea is to show Obama as deceptive."

In two best-selling autobiographies—"The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream" and "Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance"—Mr. Obama, born in Honolulu where his parents met, mentions but does not expand on his Muslim background, alluding only to his attendance at a "predominantly Muslim school."

The sources said the young Obama was given the name Hussein by his Muslim father, which the Illinois Democrat rarely uses in public.

His father was black and came from Kenya. Mr. Obama’s mother, the daughter of a farmer, came from Wichita, Kansas. Mr. Obama's parents divorced when he was two years old. His father returned to Kenya.

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So in other words Hillary's campaign against obama has begun with: he's one of them dirty furen towel head folks.

Do you think it's fair, and not in the least be discriminatory, for this leftwing icon to use Mr. Obamas race/religion against him?

Yes that is fair
No, she's being a racist
She's an opportunity whore
No, it would not be fair if it it were true...
No muslim should be our president
I may agree w/Clinton but I'm sure I'm ready for a Muslim president
We also need to know just how imbedded he and his family are in the muslim faith.
I would actually feel most comfortable with a white male for president, again, please
we need authenticity as a key role in our presidency
Senator Obama REALLY needs to address this issue SOON!
having a black male as president can set a better example for us americans
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Submitted by : herzog
Submitted on : Jan 20,2007 11:22:15 am
ballot title:

Barack Obamas nationality and religion under attack

ballot number:111349
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Hillary: republicans are all evil bigots who irrationally hate non-whites and non-christians. So remember, vote for me, the compassionate tolerant canidate, not that darky terrorist I'm running against who probably hates america and is just waiting to blow up the white house.
And people wonder why the rest of us think of Hillary as an evil, manipulate shrew with no morals.
Hillary will come out smelling like a rose as she'll never personally mention it. I wish I had a team to destroy people without getting my hands dirty.
Voted : No, she's being a racist
Very prejudiced and unacceptable.
I'm sure if the scenario was that of a Republican doing that to a fellow candidate it would be more widely reported all over the news.

But it was Hillary, and mainstream media, which is overwhelmingly left wing, will not harp on this much at all, as they would if it were about a right winger.

^ The sad part is that I know people on here will leap to her defense.

Could you imagine them doing the same if one of Bushs people came out with this smear job?

"Could you imagine them doing the same if one of Bushs people came out with this smear job?"

- Firstly, the mainstream media (which is overwhelmingly left wing) would make week long chilling exposes on how racist the Republican Party still is. Next, Jackson, Sharpton and the rest would certainly come out screaming and yelling. Of course Michael Moore would declare that the candidate in question is only demonising Muslims because they want oil. Then the usual suspects from Hollywood would enlighten us with their words of wisdom about how this completely discredits the candidate in question. And of course the B&W users would use this as evidence that the candidate in question is a Nazi, in fact the new Hitler, possibly even worse than Hitler.

But this is Hillary and the Democratic Party- will we hear anything similar? Don't hold your breath waiting.

Voted : She's an opportunity whore
Obama's damned if he does and damned if he don't. I'm sure one of the reasons for him not coming out openly about his religion is so that it wouldn't get put in the limelight.

And on the other hand, if you don't think your religion's very relevant to the job you can do as president and refuse to bring it up, rest assured you will be accused of hiding something by not disclosing it.

I don't think she's being racist. She's just an opportunity whore who will try to get a touchdown with any ball she can get her hands on.

Some people conceal lesser facts, such as their smoking cigarettes, untill the wind blows.

Socrates, Herzog: So right about 'if it were a right-winger,,,'.

But, cracky/cranky will spin it for us.

Secreted Muslims are scary.
Secreted cigarette smokers are not.

Voted : She's an opportunity whore
It's what he says about America that should matter, not his religious beliefs.
How could his nationality be under attack when he is AMerican?

Anyways, it is not a surprising source when it is Hillary. Remember that algore was the first to show Dukakis' revolving prison door policy that was later blamed on GHW Bush.

Voted : No, she's being a racist
This looks like it's shaping up to be a very interesting race.
Voted : She's an opportunity whore
wtf hillary
I must say this is rather interesting. First I find out he is a smoker and then I find out this. Much but not all of the stuff I have read about him is good. However, this smacks of deception. If it is no big deal then why hasn't (or wasn't he) more forthcoming about it?

I'm not surprised that someone even loosely associated with Hillary would be involved with this. Politics is a blood sport and the Clintons know how to play it. The republicans do too. Imagine if this were coming out during the 2008 general election.

Are you now or have you ever been a Muslim? Or perhaps a fellow traveler? Issues like this should not exist in a democracy.
Voted : No, it would not be fair if it it were true...
Oh look! Herzog is pretending he cares that a Blackman maybe getting a raw deal, gee, he must truly hate President Hillary Clinton.

Sources said all of this Herzog? What sources? I can not believe that you have decided not to relying on good solid sources regarding this matter, you know I am deeply shocked and appalled by this revelation...and just a tad disappointed in you

Correction: *rely*
Voted : She's an opportunity whore
She would make a terrible president. But I would give her a job as a trader, hitman, etc. Any job that requires little emotion and a big pair.
Babs, remember what I said about leftwing debating tactics?

1) attack the source
2) make accusations of racism
3) never once address the issues presented.

Do you ever get tired of proving me right? Because except for blaming this on bush somehow and calling me a shill you fit my description exactly.

I wonder, how would you respond if bush came out with this revelation?

"I wonder, how would you respond if bush came out with this revelation?"

Babs'd probably condemnd him, as it's right to do. I agree, she (she being Clinton :P) is again proving that she would bring no great change to the White House, and can participate in political mudslinging with the best (or worst) of them.

Admittedly, attacking the source isn't by a long shot the best debating tactic, but I share Babs's general concerns.

So, herzog: I wonder, how would you respond if Bush came out with this revelation?

"Babs'd probably condemnd him, as it's right to do."

No doubt. But he refuses to condemn hillary clinton for the exact same thing. What would you say that make him?

" So, herzog: I wonder, how would you respond if Bush came out with this revelation?"

Baffled, as it wouldn't benefit him in the least, by law he's out of the race.

Actually I'd be indifferent. His race and religion don't matter to me. What makes this story so bad is that hillary would eviscerate anyone who dared criticized someone for being a muslims or for being black, and yet she's doing the same thing. The issue is her hypocrisy, and the hypocrisy of all liberals who refuse to criticize her.

Republicans have been openly critical of muslims before, democrats always leap to their defense. It's like when a republican hires non-union workers at minimum wage, there is no discrepancy because their platform isn't to raise the minimum wage and require unions for all workers. A democrat doing the same thing would be a hypocrite. Make sense?

Or for another example, you're a radical anti-smoking advocate, who secretly smokes. Is that the same as someone who has no particular stance on smoking who also takes up the habit?

Oh and watch, babs will either avoid this ballot from now on or if he comes back he'll continue to misdirect, Mrs. Clinton will receive not the slightest bit of criticism from that hypocrite.
Voted : She's an opportunity whore

As Cathexis put it, another race to the bottom. 'Political opponents within the Democratic party' -- might they not be Republicans? Just wondering.

I don't like her, though, and wouldn't put it past her.

Mojo: had things been switched, and the republican party was the source of the leak, what would you say if I came on here and said that there was a good chance it was democrats sneakily trying to make the republicans look bad? I think you'd call bullshit on that one.
yeah, herz, you're right
But, the Repubs HAVE had a notorious history of dirty tricks of late, so I hope I am forgiven...
I checked out this story, and it smells.
^ No, you just don't like the story, and really don't like the people reporting it, that doesn't really prove anything.

Foxnews reported that Bill Clinton had an affair, rightwing news station that made a liberal look bad, does that mean it never happened?

But I see you, and of course crank, have immediately jumped on the "foxnews is evil, so it must be a lie" bandwagon, while offering no counter evidence. Cheers!
Hillary is no saint either.
I wish someone else would run seriously than either Obama or Hillary.

Voted : I would actually feel most comfortable with a white male for president, again, please
Ms Clinton and Obama are both simply novelties, something different, something of a popular fad. But could they really Qualify to be President, of all things! Wouldn't Ms Clinton largely be riding in on the coat tails of her husband!
And Obama, who could be sure of his subconscious motivations or actions if esconced in the office of President!
This time, let us again have a President who's white and male, as always so far. Though in the future, who can say. Better safe than sorry.


Yes, it is true.

Voted : We also need to know just how imbedded he and his family are in the muslim faith.
Be very afraid.

^ Che ti importa, voi pazzo grasso maiale?

Voi triste poco ragazza, ricevere perduto...non ti capisco, sheesh!

Cease sending me a message to respond to your infantile commentaries, got it? Good...

America was founded on freedom of religion and what I see here is a bunch of holier than thou Christians who in the long standing of their religion are the bloodiest and racist of the religions today in America. Stupid people center their comments on everything that is supposed to be what this country is about....FREEDOM! Smart people look and the facts and actions of a person and make a decision based of that. Most of the people in this blog are stupid and racist and this is why you vote for men that use the White House to further their fortune and destroy everything that the American People have fought and died for. Do not come on here and spout your anti-American BS! Get and education, read a book, stop watching and reading the news and get an education but most important stop thinking that the white race is the master race, we are the evilest race but not the master race. Sorry white boys but skin color means nothing and most white people embarrass my race and nationality.

GO OBAMA!!! Show all the racist white people the (master race) how to run a country and and how the white (master race) government has hurt them every time they make a decision or pass a law.


I have not heard from Obama what
religion his faith is in.

One source quotes him saying he does
not support gay marriage because
he believes in God. Later, his stance
supposedly changed to support gay

Both Testaments of the Bible
disapprove of homosexuality and other
forms of "sexual immorality" which is
described in the first five books.

The Quran has the same stance on
homosexuality specifically.

If he does identify himself as either
Muslim or Christian, while supporting
gay marriage then he would be
contradicting himself.

What do you know? A member of the
same political party is speaking in
an attempt to make the current
president less credible than they

You approved of who and what you voted for.

This is supposed to be the last term for

What does he want for the nation
including those who didn't
vote for him now that he is in office?

I am not regretting not voting for Romney.

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