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[+] serious ballot by TinCan

Joe McCarthy
Benedict Arnold
John Wilkes Booth
J. Edgar Hoover
Ann Coulter
Rush Limbaugh
George W. Bush
Lee Harvey Oswald
Richard Nixon
Aldrich Ames
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
Aaron Burr
Lynne F. Stewart
Charles Manson
John Wayne Gacy
"Rev." Jim Jones
Timothy McVeigh
George Lincoln Rockwell
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
Jesse Helms
Karl Rove
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Barack Obama
David Duke
Richard Pearle
Who the fuck are half these people?!
Jane Fonda
Reverend Jeremiah Wright
Louis Farrakhan
Charles de Gaule
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Sarah Palin
Al Franken
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Submitted by : TinCan
Submitted on : Jan 23,2007 2:07:20 am
ballot title:

Who is the worst American of all time?

ballot number:111457
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While I am on a roll with this ballot; 111456, I might as well add this one.
Voted : Joe McCarthy
Manson, Booth and J. Edgar Hoover are close number twos.
There are so many ass holes, it's hard to choose.
Voted : Nathan Bedford Forrest
FDR is a distant second
I'm a bit surprised cranky hasn't voted for Nathan Bedford Forrest. A group of liberal bloggers voted him number 3 in a poll of worst Americans well ahead of George W. Bush. After all, he was the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.
Voted : Nathan Bedford Forrest
Maybe he and others here don't know who he is.
Forrest is the most suspicious guy that ever lived, although he denied everything. He said he tried to stop the Fort Pillow massacre. He said he quit the Klan when it became violent. Other Confederates accused him of killing escaped slaves, including women and children. And after testifying to Congress, Forrest walked into a bar and told a friend that he'd been "lying like a gentleman."
Why isn't Paris Hilton or Hilary Duff in this?
angeleyes, Why don't you crack open a history book once in a while?
Voted : P!NK
Supports beating it if you don't believe me...worse than Obama, worse than Bush, worse than any other living American...please boycott the bi*ch now!

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