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What is the best selling album worldwide by any musician?

The Darkside of the Moon - Pink Floyd
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts club band - The Beatles
Back In Black - AC/DC
Their Greatest Hits - The Eagles
Saturday Night Fever
The Beatles(white album) - The Beatles
Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin
Thriller - Michael Jackson
The Wall - Pink Floyd

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Submitted by : I_voted
Submitted on : Jan 28,2007 10:20:55 pm
ballot title:

What is the Best Selling Album of All Time?

ballot number:111688
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Voted : Thriller - Michael Jackson
He's baack
Who bought all those albums? I don't even know of anyone who likes MJs music. Everyone I know has Dark Side of the Moon though.

That album crosses many cultural tastes.

Voted : Thriller - Michael Jackson
It aughta be Thriller
by Jyl [+]

by Jyl [+]

it's The Eagles Their Greatest Hits there's the proof
Eagles is just the USA. Thriller is worldwide.
michael jackson sucks ass!!!!
Voted : Thriller - Michael Jackson
It has sold over 100 million copies...beat that mot--- f----!
I love all Michael Jackson's music, and "Thriller" definitely deserves to be number 1. No matter what people say, he's the most talented artist ever..
A lot of children liked that album...sort of like your kids "making" you go to McDonalds...

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