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[+] serious ballot by winston

Israel began building a 420 mile barrier in and around the occupied West Bank in 2002. Israel says the barrier is the only way to defend against a wave of suicide bombings by Palestinian militants which have shook the country since the early years of the uprising, which began in 2000.

Palestinians view the structure as the prelude to an annexation of the parts of the West Bank where most Jewish settlers live, in line with Israel's plan for a unilateral solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the absence of a negotiated peace deal.

In July 2004, the International Court of Justice declared that the barrier was illegal and construction should be immediately halted, but Israel said it would not abide by what was an advisory ruling by the ICJ.

Do you believe Israelís wall to be Justifiable?

No, it is unjustifiable
Not sure
Yes, it is justifiable.
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Submitted by : winston
Submitted on : Mar 04,2007 4:43:28 am
ballot title:

Is the Israeli wall Justifiable?

ballot number:112757
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good ballot, but you don't need to put "comment" as a choice.
by LCD [+]

Voted : No, it is unjustifiable
It's a primary tool in the creation of Israel's new apartheid system.
Voted : Yes, it is Justifiable
^Thank you Jimmy Carter but the fact still remains that in sections of Israel that already have the some type of barrier between Palestinian areas and Israeli lands there are lower rates of homicide bomber attacks.Are you seriously saying cranky that the wall does not and will not have any effect on Israel's ability to protect her citizens.
Voted : Not sure
Two good arguments go opposite directions. I can't say. If I was an Israeli, I would say the wall was justified for security reasons. If I was a Palestinian, I would call it apartheid.

I suppose putting all the Palestinians in concentration camps would lower the rate of attacks on Israelis, but you can't justify every wrong that Israel might commit against Palestinians by simply saying: "Israel has a right to defend itself."

And shouldn't we be able to speak frankly about what Israel is doing, or should Israel be exempt from criticism? If South Africa has an Apartheid system we can talk about that, but if Israel has one, we can't?

First cranky there is no comparison between setting up a concentration camp and building a wall.One is a violation of human rights the other is an act of sovereignty and self determination.Does not Israel have the right to build whatever she likes on her own land?Secondly I have no problem with criticizing Israel,she is a nation and her actions are open to criticism by all.What I am against is the unfair criticism that Israel is an apartheid state similar to what S.Africa was.That is a gross exaggeration and you know it.
Voted : Yes, it is Justifiable
First, the "wall" is actually a fence for at least 90% of its distance. Yes, this is contrary to the leftist media distortion. Second, it is justifiable until palestinians stop their terrorist attacks. Three, Israel has as much of a right as any country to defend its borders especially from ones that are attacking it. Fourth, terrorist attacks inside Israel have dramatically dropped since the FENCE was constructed. Finally, Israel would like to get rid of it too but they won't do so until the attacks stop and peace is reached.
Voted : Yes, it is Justifiable
Is the the barrier between North and South Korea justifiable? Indeed, for security from aggression. Securing a border is very common around the world.

The same logic can be applied elsewhere.

However, I must say in regard to the Israeli scenario, that anywhere that their wall crosses offically recognised borders is wrong and unjustifiable. If it goes beyond a border and inward into other territory (which it does in Israel's case at various points), then those parts are not appropriate or justifiable.

Voted : No, it is unjustifiable
I think the wall is understandable, but unjustifiable. There is no difference beetween a 20 foot high wall and a barbed wire fence, the result is the same, it stops Palestinians from gaining access to parts of Israel. Israel has a duty to protect its citizens but the wall is wrong.
^In the photo, that part of the wall looks high, but it also looks as though anyone could just walk around the side to the right.
Voted : Not sure
there's an expression that fences make good neighbors. in this case, it doesn't. open dialouge and trust is what is needed from both sides.
Voted : No, it is unjustifiable
It might protect Israel and Israelis in the short term, but all it does in the long term is further excite already excited hatreds.
Voted : No, it is unjustifiable
As I recall it was South Africa,as apartheid as it was, that built the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital,largely serving it's black population.
Israel builds an apartheid wall ,yet no song and dance from Little Steven,Bono,Geldof,...

At least if the land was more reasonably devided there'd be some justification.
Jewish-only settlements,numbering 60 +, have been built by the Israeli government on confiscated Palestinian land between 2001 and 2003.

Voted : Yes, it is Justifiable
help to keep the mad terrorists out of the country of Israel.
Giving away portion of Israel to terrorist won't work. The West Bank belongs to Israel anyway. The terrorist do like to lie to say that they have been there forever.

Voted : Yes, it is justifiable.
Nice going some asshole deleted the "yes, it is justifiable" choice because it was winning. Way to go with the censorship you coward.
^Looks you just walked into a sting operation, FiddleFaddle vote spammer.

You left out the part about how the choice "yes, it is justifiable" had over 2,000 votes. Yes, that's right, folks, 2,000 votes. Funny how a rabid pro-Israel poster just happens to be on an old ballot about Israel, one where the pro-Israel ballot choice has over 2,000 votes. And then when this totally corrupted ballot choice disappears he howls with outrage about it, and even makes a ballot about it where he totally spins the truth.

You are are so busted, FiddleFaddle vote spammer.

FiddleFaddle = busted

cranky: you are as paranoid as you are obsessive and ignorant. I haven't vote spammed this ballot. In fact I have been highly surprised as to how the totals were turning out considering the anti-semitic and rabidly anti-Israel bias of this site. I do notice just how pissy you are about the whole thing. I have merely brought up to attention the fact that someone deleted an original ballot choice. Obviously someone who didn't like the results. There are a lot of ballots for which I don't like the results but I don't get my buddies (or a user who can wipe choices) to rate the item I don't like away. Personally, I would rather leave them the way that they are to show the ignorance and bigotry of users like yourself.

Let me ask you this: You have not mentioned any concern about a ballot choice being deleted, only that you believe it was vote spammed. Is vote-spamming a legitimate reason to delete a choice? Why do you care about it anyways. Everyone knows that you and BBC and similar vote spammed herzog's ballots voting for choices that only a sub-human would select.

I've noticed today that an enormous amount of votes have come in turning the tide of voting. That hasn't been me. I don't have 400 aliases. You can check with LCD where the votes today are coming from. Once again, not from me. Someone or some other people are doing it.

I'll ask this again although you never answer it. Why do you hate Israel and Jews so much?

Here is the real telling factor in all of this... cranky is concerned about what the results are. I'm concerned about legitimate ballot choice being deleted.
I personally think that the wall is unjustifiable, but I am not an Israeli living in Israel. For me, the wall symbolises the failure of integration and trust, on both sides. I cannot see an agreeable resolution being negotiated in the future, not when the entire middle eastern region is in chaos. The wall is not only a physical barrier, its a phsycological one too.

The ballot choice was deleted to flush the vote spammer out of hiding. It was a brilliant move, and it worked PERFECTLY.

You are so busted, vote spammer Fiddle!

And you are so obsessed that you've already voted the "Yes" choice YOU added up to 68%.

You're amazing. You're nuts!

It is entirely justifiable.
25 ft. high?

for the record, it was not fflsd who was spamming this ballot.

I know who it is.
by LCD [+]

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